Real Life News – Possible Alien Megastructures Spotted (Not a Joke)

Just a quickie blurb due to spread some news thats caught my eye. Science community is
getting the wheels turning on getting more data. Info is good enough SETI is taking it seriously.
Possible Alien Megastructures Spotted Around a star

I’ve started a discussion in the EVE Online forums:

Still looking for notes its a hoax but its not looking like one. Exciting. Crossing my fingers.

I think the numbers are going to come back up…

There is no denying that EVE Online numbers are down. As I type this I’m looking at a launcher showing  15583 online. Personally I think CCP is on the right track, and while numbers are down they’ll start going back up with the next expansion. If I am wrong about that, we’re in EVE’s end game. There are reasons to be optimistic though. The steps CCP has taken are good ones…

  1. The return of expansions is a bigger deal than people make it out to be. Checking EVE Offline you can see spikes of new player signups within a couple days of each expansion release. Even the expansions that sucked. People need a reason to sign up and properly marketed expansions do so.
  2. Citadels are a very good thing to put into a possible make or break expansion of EVE. The concept of Citadels is easy to market, easy to understand, and easy to put in an engaging cinematic. Some things such as ship rebalances and complex gameplay fixes just don’t lend themselves to marketing campaigns.
  3. While Fozzie Sov was a let down, CCP gets a great chance to tweak things with the new structures. I really like the system thats been put out there for killing citadels. It gives capitals a role and provides a driver for large fleet combat.

Basically all the ingredients are there for the right gameplay to come together with the right marketing opportunity. The stars may actually be aligned for this one. I’m gonna be optimistic this time. I say CCP keeps its usual 10% of the trial spike long term and we get a good number of resubscribes.

Where Not To Salvage

So IOC has been doing a lot of entosis/sov stuff and I decided it was time for another nice relaxing BLOPS fleet. The neighbors have been harassing us so I decided to pay them a visit. I formed a sizable BLOPs fleet up and went roaming through Stella Nova/The Corvos space in Scalding Pass.

I started hunting and jumped into KZ4F-4. I saw a Paladin on directional. Figured it was at a POS but there was a lot of stuff inline with where it was on directional. Checked an anomaly and nothing. The station was an option so I warped @ 100 to the station in system and there it was. At first I was thinking I was being baited, and then I realized it was about 80km from the undock and it was salvaging. Several wrecks were near him. Normally when I land on a target I have to warp in/out from another celestial/wreck or slowboat cloaked and hope the target doesn’t warp off. This time I was conveniently 180km from my target and you can warp to a wreck. Warped my hunter @ 10 to a wreck and decloaked. Saw him try to MJD but I had scram/web/long point on him and there wasn’t any hope. Yes the second falcon was totally necessary for this drop.

So lesson to learn. When you’re in a marauder salvaging is the absolute worst thing you can do with a neut in system. It gives people a warpin directly on top of you.


Its A Good Time to Start Playing EVE

One core question I think the EVE community struggles to answer is why would a new player begin playing EVE right now? I think that is a question the community doesn’t answer for new players in a great way. EVE is already over a decade old and was a niche game to begin with. Theres also a huge ability/social/SP/ISK disparity between older established players and newbies. This is my stab at answering this question:

  1. The game world is going through big changes and now is a good time to get started under the sov rule set. EVE is going to grow into something better than it was.
  2. There are more groups than ever willing to help new players get started. Some of the groups even have specialties. CODE ganks, EVE University has more of a classroom feel, numerous low and null corps take newer players.
  3. Once you start playing EVE, between the people and the game itself there isn’t anything to replace it. The “sandbox” is unique in that you have more freedom than you do in other games. How you use that freedom will determine how much you enjoy EVE.

What else should be on this list I wonder? When it comes to EVE what one thing would you say to a new player or just to give to them that would make them stick around? I honestly do think its a good time to start playing EVE. We’ve just go to let people know.

Us, Tri, and Fozzie Sov work around

I will be the first to say that it was a smart move. Said it to my guys when we saw it happen and if others haven’t seen what I am about to describe, I can only imagine it wont be long before you do.

I-1QKL was held by Blue Alliance before Fozzie Sov was implemented. I know their main leader has been out due to real life issues and there were people put in place to lead in his absence. This is what I am told anyways and some of this might not be accurate. Never saw calls for help or anything until all of a sudden the system is in Tri’s hands. They took the station, the TCU, and the IHub. Red Alliance took the I-hub back, IOC had the system by putting up our own TCU, and the station had been being fought over. Reinforced a couple of times and Freeported one time.

We all know how much fun entosising is and how long it took before the changes. I was on the fence as to what I thought about Fozzie Sov until last night. What Tri did was instead of them taking the SOV back or defend the station when it was in freeport, they showed up in force and had a couple of guys from an alt/pet alliance of theirs take it. What this did was allow them to keep us at bay because alliance to alliance they out number us 5 to 1, but to make things easier for them they had the other alliance set that system as their capital. So now it automatically has a defense level without any index levels raised up. Which only made it harder for us when we tried to reclaim the system. All part of the game, this is just a run through of what happened.

Yesterday the patch was deployed with the updates to Fozzie Sov. We are ready to go hit the nodes like we have been literally every night since Fozzie Sov has been out. We place eyes in systems knowing where people would be coming from and we start to work. Two Tri start coming up and we get a couple of guys going back to reship to handle the two guys. Then it is a 25 man fleet of Tri coming up the pipe. We are outnumbered, one guy not on comms lost his ship, and the rest of us safe up knowing they are going to hunt us. What used to take a decent amount of time to get back safe, they were able to do so in a little over an hour with 3 guys. Might now have been that long.

This isn’t a little guy is being picked on by the big guy story. They are bigger than us and I am working on growing my alliance. What was supposed to be something to help the little guys in all reality does NOT help them though. You can still be pushed off by groups who are bigger than you. You have groups that roam around now specifically looking for people to pick off that are entosising. Really you have to have fleets unless you are in the middle of nowhere Eve. This wasn’t a benefit for the little guys at all and from what I keep seeing is that it is a lot of work for someone to easily come in to stop all your progress.

Tri has done a good job and I wouldn’t say we have given them a run for their money, but I would say I think we have been a thorn. They have tried five man fleets to run us off and that usually doesn’t work. Their leader Garst has been the one heading up these defense fleets lately, which maybe I am reading too much into it, tells me that it is seen as a big deal what we are doing.

Forewarning to those who haven’t seen that tactic though. It is an excellent and easy way to get a foothold into a region or constellation. You got to keep in mind that 1B for an alliance or getting a pet group to do it for them is nothing. I bet you will see more of this across Eve. Just my opinion.


Before I was running my own alliance and it was just the corporation, we would talk. I don’t know when it was that it hit us, but there was a point when we had double the forum posts in our directors room than we had in the rest of our forums combined. Even now between Jabber and Skype we are constantly in touch with one another letting those who are running their own corps in the alliance know what is going on.

I hear quite regularly that there is generally a lack of communication in the younger alliances. Yes my alliance is only 3 years old which is young compared to many of them in Eve, but my Corporation is 8 years old and one of the others is 5 years old. Plus in the midst of the other groups are veterans to this game, so there is experience that is brought to the table. I have always told people that I can give them all the information they want or need, but I can’t force them to read it. Never fails even when there are posts on the forum, mails sent out and you could be talking about it in TS that there are people who can’t be bothered. Those are the people who tend to not stay long anyways from my experience.

Plus I try to have an alliance meeting once a month. Lately we have been acquiring a corp a month the last two months and hopefully that trend will continue, but that is why it is important for us to have a meeting once a month. With new guys coming in, they need to know what is going on within the alliance. This shows that there is a direction that you are heading in, you give updates to your goals, and you ask if there are any questions.

It never fails that when I ask if there are questions about anything from the meeting or otherwise, that there are crickets in the background. You as a member of the alliance should speak up if there is something on your mind. I know that not every group wants that, but I want that from my people. I constantly say that my ideas aren’t always the right one. I will listen to what others have to say, but that requires them to speak up. I have changed directions based on better ideas, but when only a couple of people are saying anything it leaves my maybe not so good of an idea in place.

For me it is a two way street. Good leaders should listen and those who are in the corp or alliance should want to let others know if their idea will benefit the group. Some times criticism is hard to swallow, but if it is constructive and will help us grow or learn, I am all for it.

People, their E-peen, and their ignorance

Had a member of the corporation this weekend say something off the cuff that to me was hilarious and of course might have needed to be there kind of thing. I am sure it was when we had to dock up, move to safety or something like that and the subject of e-peen came up. He just so smoothly threw out there that his was massive and kept going on with the statement of whatever we were talking about. That and some fights this weekend gave me this material to write on how people in Eve act because of their “massive” e-peen.

This alliance to those who know us, read this blog or seen our recruitment post on the forums would know we are Blops flyers most of the time. So when it comes to fights we are a hit and run style group, but have been known to risk biting off more than we can chew. Not saying we have never been caught by a trap, but yes we usually know when we are jumping into a trap. Some of those traps we are able to kill the bait and get out while others have sent us down into balls of flame. Then there are those that due to their not working together provide 4 or 5 kills before they escalate it to a point that we have to get out. So I can admit that we go for a fair fight to a fight that we know we can win. Oh, but I am sure we are the only ones that do that based on the smack talk we tend to get when we dock up when the fight is overwhelming in others favor.

Those who follow what is going out in Null Sec might know that Triumvirate. has been hitting IOC, Red Alliance, Blue Alliance, and Lux Aetherna SOV so they can have better ratting space. They took a couple of systems and we have taken them back from them, but they still hold a station in two of those systems. Tri is bigger than IOC and they have a US side which can contest us when they are online. How can I admit that? Well for one thing when they show up with two to one odds, we can’t exactly compete with that and yet they still expect us to come out to fight. I even love it because they have learned by now if we think we have fair odds, we will fight and so they will hold people back a couple of systems to bait us out. It has worked, but we have started to use a lot more eyes these days.

So this weekend as one of the times we had to dock up because of being out numbered, it is funny that Garst is still trying to call us out for a fight. We are doing our best to ninja some command nodes and doing so successfully even though we lost a few ships. In local we are being called everything under the sun like it is actually going to draw us into a fight. Are people so hung up on who has the bigger e-peen that they will undock to die in a ball of fire for no reason? Why is it that the people who try to draw you out will talk big when you are docked up, but the minute the shoe is on the other foot they wont undock. When the odds turn from their favor to yours, then all of a sudden you are the bad guy for being able to beat up on them. Or they run complaining that they can’t believe you brought in more people even if they just did the same thing.

Lastly I love it when people think they know the agreement you have with a coalition. We were called pets this weekend, Russian slaves, or you name it and I bet it was said. Some things I wont go into or what some of my members were told must be their job for a living. IOC does not rent from Red Alliance and never has rented from them. IOC is on the border and is that prime space? No it isn’t, but someone needs to man that front and Red’s Capitol system is a couple of jumps away. They are right on the edge with us. Are we pets? Well I would say no to that one as well because of the fact that pets always in the past never received help from their masters and were always just pure meat shields. We have had help with our timers and Red has shown it has our back.

I don’t get the insults flying, because you aren’t going to insult me enough to undock to die. I don’t get why it is who has the bigger e-peen or why they are justified to dock up, but you should never dock up. Is it ignorance on their part or are they just kids? At the end of the day this is a game we are going to have fun with and I don’t care if you think my mom was a good lay last night. You wont draw IOC into a fight based on what you think is insulting words.