You’re not invincible

I’d say I have no idea why this character jumped into low sec with this haul but I’d be lying. This character is an alt of one of our neighbors and they had eyes on our camp. Invincibility is what he was feeling. +5 to warp core stabilization can have that effect on low sec gates. The problem is that you have to have time to align and warp out for it to matter. I wish I hadn’t been distracted by a pot pie coming out of the oven for this kill. We were able to get all the loot but the Erises before we got mobbed and pushed away from the wreck.


This guy could have survived by not assuming we’d need to point him to kill him. When high alpha Tornadoes are involved that simply isn’t true. Thats today’s lesson.

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FC of the Independent Operators Consortium and admitted booster addict. I bring you tales of the trials and tribulations of trying not to run a new alliance into the ground. View all posts by Toriessian

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