IOC was BLOPsing this weekend…

We had a great weekend. Our core PvP group achieved some strategic goals and we managed to have a ton of fun once the work was done. Sunday we had numbers and formed up to do some black ops. Got some great kills. Have to really pick your targets in the new era of jump fatigue.

First drop I had been hunting around for about an hour and hadn’t seen anything particularly interesting. I jumped into a little gatecamp and let myself get tackled. A Sabre and a Tristan spent some time shooting my Proteus while 2 Gilas watched from 200km plus. Got me a decent way into armor before the Gilas warped onto me. Scrammed one of them and lit my cyno, called the tackled Gila primary. Our Rapier couldn’t get the second Gila pointed before it warped off. Once we had secondary tackle on the primary I was able to put a point on the Sabre and it went down to the bombers too.

For our second drop of the day I tackled a Triumvirate Sleipneir after it landed on a gate I had jumped through. Since I was quite certain the gate behind me was clear I tacked it to see what it would do. I was engaged and I imagine shortly after the pilot said “Aw Shit”. All there is to say on that one.

I always have a blast FCing BLOPs.

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FC of the Independent Operators Consortium and admitted booster addict. I bring you tales of the trials and tribulations of trying not to run a new alliance into the ground. View all posts by Toriessian

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