IOC’s first Barghest Kill

Another BLOPS fleet another great kill. I think we got this kill simply because our target was complacent. One of our hunters happened to encounter a Suddenly Spaceships smartbomb camp in lowsec and we recognized one of the toons. They had violenced one of our (admittedly loot filled) Imicuses in the past! Oh Noes!!!

Fortunately Chipsine used the loot from our Imicus to upgrade from a Rokh to a Barghest so we saw our chance at revenge. After every kill our target was warping to a ping above the gate to get away from the gate gun aggression. Our hunter slow boated towards the ping and eventually was sitting cloaked 16KM from a suspect flagged Barghest…

Cyno was lit… We lost a bomber on the bridge in but we expected to lose one or two because we had to bridge in close enough to get a scram on the target to keep the microjump drive from working. Everyone in fleet got on the kill. Also discovered smartbombs kill torps pretty easily too.


Target could have survived simply by using an off grid ping instead of one visible from the gate. Nobody has challenged their camp in some time and we took advantage of someone who got a little sloppy with their shiny BS.

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