CEO of this mad house

KreganI should start with an introduction as to who I am. If you are familiar with HPL (Helion Production Labs) at all, then you know I am CEO of this bunch. Kregan Gadhar, and have been playing Eve for 8 years without a break. Took over as CEO in late 07 to Early 08, all the dates tend to run together. There have been ups, there have been downs and now I am also in charge of an alliance. Toriessian started this blog and I offered to throw in my two cents which people might ask me to take back. I will make post based on some of my experiences, maybe some of the politics when we get back into Null, and some on Industry. PVP is more a side gig for myself, though some of my best memories and experiences in Eve would be based around PVP. So I invite you to sit back, relax, and be prepared for a show. There is much we intend to accomplish and we will try to chronicle it in this blog as much as possible.


About Kregan Gadhar

Looking at this as an Eve Player - CEO since '07 and Current alliance head since '14 View all posts by Kregan Gadhar

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