Ganking for the first time…

Well IOC turned a corner recently. We’ve gotten sick enough of one of the people constantly declaring war on us to begin ganking their suspected alts. This wouldn’t be necessary if they didn’t run from our bait Hyperions, log off, and go mine ice . These alts have all been watch listed and we’ve been watching their logins/log offs for some time. They coincide near perfectly with our war target’s logins and log offs. Yes we’ve been dec’d that long lol.

It was actually a neat experience. We didn’t practice or anything on the test server before trying the first time, so we really didn’t have a good feel for how hard we had to hit a barge to pop it before Concord showed up on grid. Our first attempt went badly. We managed to land 7 Catalysts 2KM from a Mackinaw and we pretty much just bounced off of it. It was barely getting into armor when we were taken down by the super space police.

Our second attempt was successful, perhaps because we used enough Catalysts to evaporate a retriever vs. exploding it. I moved my scout over to a retriever and I attempted to draw concord near a station. I think the station guns evaporated my alts noobship before Concord bothered though. IOC’s catalyst team warped and…


After this we spent some time on the test server to refine our strategy and to get a feel for the minimum amount of firepower needed to get the job done. All in all, an educational week for IOC so far.

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