Mentality Change

One of the unique things about Eve, is you can be whoever you want to be when it comes to how the masses would portray your character. If you want to be a pirate, be a corporate thief, bring down an alliance, a business person, or a good guy, you can. Problem with Eve is that there is really only one person who is trusted in all of Eve. Really his story is by chance, but that isn’t something you can walk into because this game breeds distrust because of all the people who try to be criminal. As a CEO of a group, you have to take a chance on people and hope that your instincts are correct. I will admit in the grand scheme of Eve, I have been blessed in finding some of the best this game has to offer.


When I started this game some of what people could do to each other never even crossed my mind as to something I would do. Even to this day there are things that I wont ever do in this game. Though there are things that I had to reconsider as time went on and I gained more experience in leading this group. Starting out the Not Red Don’t Shoot (NRDS) policy sounded really good to a white hat. In Null Sec you learn that the only way to fly safely is Not Blue Shoot It (NBSI) because when a Neutral comes in, if you wait for them to announce friend or foe, it is too late. The one group in Eve that lives by this creed in Null Sec are all the time having troubles and setting people Red. Also doing anything to hurt a smaller corp was something I would try not to do, because we all have our start somewhere.


Especially now that we are not in Null Sec, we have to carve a place out that is ours. Locals can be enemies, friends, or those who are neither and plan to pass through. One of the things you do in Null Sec to protect yourself or your people is to have gate camps. Some consider this to be piracy in Low Sec, but in Null Sec it is protecting your space. So when we got the shaft and left Null Sec, we picked a spot with good access to all space. Most of the group live in the Low Sec waiting for the next roam, gate camp, or other activity. The little system we are in we pretty much have hemmed up, but it is still used by some of the bigger boys that at the moment we aren’t ready to engage. Gate Camping that system is one of the thoughts I had to change, because it is those who live in High Sec that see it as piracy. Those in Low and Null Sec see it as every day life.


Recently we also took down a Tower of a group considerably smaller than us. Even now I still try to hold onto some ties of my old mentality because I approached them to buy the moon or add them in our alliance. They talked of setting blue, but that wouldn’t have worked for what I needed. I am sure that this group saw it as a bigger entity picking on them when we could have done this to someone else. I know when we were their size I would have probably thought that we were evil and walking over them. Now with the responsibility of an alliance that I intend to see grow considerably more and become something respectable, I have to look out for what is best for the group as a whole. Looking out for another group has become a luxury that I can’t afford anymore.


Lastly, I approached a group a few months ago about joining our alliance. Their CEO strikes me as a guy who I would have a lot in common with in how we play this game. He is probably still very idealistic in some areas like I was seeing as he is only a three month old character. He mailed me back after I spotted his post looking for more members on the Eve Recruitment section of the forums. There were a few questions he asked me about, but basically his mail was a refusal letter. I did appreciate the fact he didn’t just blow me off and took the time to respond. He let me know he planned to start his own alliance and that he had some plans for the future as well. In my eight years of playing this game, this is a scene I have watched way too often play out into them burning out of the game. One of the biggest problems in Eve, is that the people who could be looked at as true good guys are too stubborn to band together. They each want to run their own thing and not combine forces to make the true difference. Along this same line, I had a CEO approach me (who I had tried to recruit into an alliance or maybe even roll into HPL way back when) about coming into his section of Low Sec. There were these four groups in a “coalition” that because of their equal size couldn’t agree on certain things and a constant power struggle. The way he approached me I thought he was looking for something different and so I offered him into the alliance to come to us. That was when he dropped the bomb that he wanted us to help him stabilize it more in his favor. Also a CEO who was idealistic, burnt out and left the game for over a year.


Where does this all end? In Eve your perspective is based on where you are looking from and those who I think could truly be a force of “Good” in Eve are too fragmented to do anything. Bitter Vet? Probably. Pirate? Not from where I sit. Burnt out? Not yet. Stubborn? So much so that one day you are going to know who we are.

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