Eve’s Social Aspect

One of the things when recruiting corps and then talking to their CEO’s, they are wanting a group they fit in with as friends. As a CEO, I am looking for members who are going to fit into the dynamic of our group and not cause drama. You can play Eve as a single player and I am sure there are plenty out there like that. I can think of a few that I have met, but whether or not they had alts in other groups I will never know. I can say that I have made lasting friendships from this game and will continue long after this game has stopped being played. At the end of the day, how can you spend so much time with people and then not get invested in them on a personal level? This is of course leaving out those who are joining a corp to rob it or bring it down in some other way.

Over the years people come and go in Eve. Even now you can still see someone like the Goons still leaving memories of people they have lost. Problem with this game is you get some kind of connection and then they disappear with you never knowing what has happened. Because of these connections, even if it has been years since they have played, quite a few who come back to the game end up right back into the corp. I know when it comes to HPL, they know that things are going to be the same as when they left just with new faces. One of the things we have always done was have a gathering in person, usually at my home. Nothing cements a group together more than when you have met in person, shared food and drink.

There are people who probably are rolling their eyes about this or thinking how cheesy this sounds, but ask around at how many started this game with a friend or friends. In a game that can breed such distrust, it is amazing that there are times when you can find a light spot in the middle of it all.

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