How Not to Bling A Dominix

IOC’s PVP crew did a little roaming last night. We got into a little fight with a well piloted Rupture that escaped with no losses on either side. Then we stumbled across a Dominix stuck in a bubble. We were 50km from it after going through a gate so it managed to warp to another gate in system and landed right into another bubble. Very predictable outcome from there. Our Heretic was in low structure already after the Rupture but the loss was more than worth the kill.

DominixKillI’m having a tough time coming up with advice on how this player could have lived given they were trying to ninja rat in null warping gate to gate in a Battleship. The fit has some pretty serious deficiencies.

1) Even if this Domi is tanked to handle a deadspace complex, the player could have carried a mobile depot and a prop mod. Wouldn’t have saved the pilot from us, but the bubbles would have been easier for them to deal with.

2) The capacitor power relay should never be used on a ship that is active shield tanked. The power relay has a significant penalty to shield boosts. This penalty removed any value from the somewhat expensive shield boost amplifier they had fit. Might as well have put a cap recharger there and then put a power diagnostic in place of the power relay. Even with an implant to add a little more cap recharge, this would have been cheaper than the deadspace amplifier.

3) The player could have gotten around the bubbles by not warping gate to gate. The planets in this system were more than adequate to use as pings to get around the bubbles.

For the nights effort we lost a Probe scouting for us, and my Heretic. This loot pinata more than covered SRP for us and added to our overall SRP fund. Great night for my crew.

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