The New “Scope” Videos

EVE has always been marketed as a game where the other players are the content. Nothing CCP has done prior to the new “Scope” news videos has come close to highlighting this. I think they are simply magic. CCP has managed to weave their fiction in with the player created narratives in a way I haven’t seen tried anywhere else. Lets take a look at each of the videos and check out the little things CCP did to accomplish this. I hope this trend of high quality reporting from “The Scope” continues.

Caroline’s Star

  • The name Caroline’s Star really did come from character Caroline Grace
  • On the news ticker you’ll see a mention of BOB. BOB is an inside joke from “wormhole” residents who make appeasing their blood god “BOB” a requirement for your continued residence in “wormhole” space.
  • Real players were mentioned in the part about who discovered where “Caroline’s Star” was located

Shattered Worlds

  • Nimos Endashi’s theory put front and center on the news
  • More mentions of BOB on the news ticker
  • Circadian Seekers scanning ships just like they do to us in game

Drifter Battleships

  • Dantheus really did lose his carrier to a Drifter
  • Neat mention of how capsuleers are detached from regular people in the in game lore. We say “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” forgetting our ships have crews on them. Capsuleers don’t worry about things like life and death but we forget regular people are running around too.

Southern Conflict

  • All the Alliances/Coaltions mentioned such as “Red Alliance”, “Gorgon”, “N3” are player created entities
  • Really highlighted unique player driven content like the “Phoebe Freeport Coalition”
  • First time player owned space has been highlighted by CCP’s advertising

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