Adventures in Wicked Creek Pt 2

Multiple types of entertainment coming out of Wicked Creek. TEST has asserted themselves and has made NOFUX mouthpiece Roweena Azur ragequit (Pt 1 and Pt 2) in spectacular fashion. As with many that ragequit, Roweena has decided he gets too much poontang in real life to play EVE. I don’t know the whole story between NOFUX and TEST as IOC is a little bit of a newcomer to the bunch but can’t beat a great sideshow.

Fleeting up with the Russians in Red Alliance has been fun. I learned how to say jump in Russian. No better way to make friends than a little good old fashioned structure bashing in a CTA/coalition sized fleet. TEST didn’t want to come out and play with this fleet this time. Hoping for some sizable fights soon.

We’ve had a lot of success in smaller fleets as well. We joined up with a fleet run by some recent acquaintances, The Corvos, and killed a hilarious amount of stuff on a gate in TESTs staging system in Wicked Creek. Not entirely sure what was going on with intel on TEST’s side that day. Camp lasted several hours and over 20 ships were caught/killed.

And what blog post would be complete without a shiny kill. Our BLOPS fleet managed to catch a Rattlenake in Immensea. It attacked me off a station. No trickery involved here. Just engaged, lit cyno, blew up Battleship and left.


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