Settling Down…

Its been an interesting run in null sec the past month. TEST (with PL assistance) has taken over a large part of Wicked Creek. RANE somehow floats along in a swimming pool full of sharks. PFR’s new crusade was a failure. Everyone in the area seems to slowly be getting settled in the “pre-fozzie sov” norm. I’m honestly not sure if this is the calm before the storm or if Fozzie sov will just like a weather report thats completely wrong. Largely it seems like the corporations that are really driven to be in null are out here.

On MY alliances front we’re getting settled too. We have a system of our very own now. There are many systems like it but this one is ours lol. Our allies in Red Alliance and Diplomatic Immunity have all staged nearby and we’re forming up in as many fleets as possible. Only thing of note going on in our neck of the woods is that the Phoebe Freeport Republic has been poking at Diplomatic Immunity and our coalition poked back. PFR POSs have been reinforced or destroyed, LP1M-Q in Wicked Creek has been reinforced, and multiple PFR defensive SBUs are down. I am damn happy with IOC’s showing this weekend. Its feels good putting just as many pilots in fleet as Red Alliance,Diplomatic Immunity, and Lux Aetherna did considering considering we’re the smallest alliance of the bunch.

About Toriessian

FC of the Independent Operators Consortium and admitted booster addict. I bring you tales of the trials and tribulations of trying not to run a new alliance into the ground. View all posts by Toriessian

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