Living and Learning

TorFirst off I’d like to welcome the Space Ants to IOC. Its been awhile since we’ve had some real growth and its been great having you guys in fleet! I look forward to meeting more of you as you guys get moved out into Null with the rest of the alliance. Now that our allies in Diplomatic Immunity have disbanded, growth for IOC is more important than ever.

The East has been a little crazy. Red Menace has been involved in some heavy fighting with TEST and PL. Thanks for the content to all involved. We had a blast on the field, winning or losing. The battle reports have already been posted to all the news sites but here are some links

Battle of F-EM4Q
Battle of GRHS-B

On the WTF front, we participated in a hot drop on a Dominix fleet that quite frankly stunned me. It was bubbled, slaughtered and expensive. I think they were grinding something, and I’m 100% sure thats a terrible idea when you’re fit like they were. A 2B ISK Legion with a 1B ISK domi? Just a hair under a 1B ISK pod?

Battle of XA5-TY

Our BLOPS fleets have had ups and downs. We had one really off day that included antics such as forgetting to put liquid ozone in an Arazu and getting greedy and losing a cyno mid bridge. We dusted ourselves off and kept at it though. The rewards were very nice.

Black Ops drop R0-DMM
Black Ops drop 1QZ-Y9
Black Ops drop I3CR-F

2 Drops. 2 Gilas. 4 minutes 🙂

Gila #1 Ketzero
Gila #2 Saeka Tyr

On a final note IOC is recruiting corps now! Whether you’re a new corp looking to get started in Null or an experienced PVP corp contact us!

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FC of the Independent Operators Consortium and admitted booster addict. I bring you tales of the trials and tribulations of trying not to run a new alliance into the ground. View all posts by Toriessian

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