Time Away as a CEO

I doubt many people who read this probably know all of Helion Production Labs (HPL) and Independent Operators Consortium (IOC) doesn’t have much time behind it at the moment. This last week though, I took time away from Eve mainly because I went on a vacation and I don’t have a laptop that really supports Eve since it is strictly a work pc. In the past when I would step away from Eve, things in the corp would grind to a halt because I was running things as a one man show. I’m glazing over a lot of history and not looking to leave anyone who helped out. As a one man operation you can keep your assets safe from possible theft, but that means all aspects of the corp funnel through me. I have cautioned on numerous occasions to new CEO’s that this is a mistake and it will make things feel more like a job. Not only that, I do feel it takes a certain type of person to handle being a CEO of a corporation in Eve.

The day before I left to go on my trip we had an alliance meeting. In that meeting I let everyone know I was going to be away for basically a week. Made sure that any responsibilities that I manned were handled while I was away. Made sure that leadership had my cell number and a working e-mail address. I wasn’t going to be far from Eve, but the ability to check it on a regular basis was not going to happen. During the time I was gone I was only contacted once and really that was my fault more than it was because of any issue that couldn’t have been handled.

A week, was that really that long of a time? Of course not, but I have seen people burn out in that kind of time as well. One of the things I tell people whether they are joining my corp or the alliance is that I fly with the best in Eve. I bring up my trip more to highlight the fact that if I stepped away, things would continue for a time unhindered. There are things I take care of that otherwise would be a difficult task for some and make no mistake, your group does have to have a leader. Someone has to be in charge and someone has to be the face of the group no matter what type of corporation you run or are in. Just in the past the thought of going away was going to be something carefully thought out and planned on the corp level, not just my vacation time in RL.

Trust is hard in Eve and finding good people willing to lead isn’t easy either. When you find your leadership group, let them know what they mean to you, treat them right and have each others backs. HPL has an awesome leadership group and IOC has an awesome leadership group. I fly with the best in Eve and would do anything to help these people succeed. I have many friends in this group and only gaining more as I get to know people. For those who aren’t my enemies in Eve, I hope you have this in your group.

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