Recruitment – Corp Members

This aspect of Eve has to be one of the harder ones these days. In the past when there was no option of an in game search function for a corps that meet a certain criteria, they had to rely on going to the Eve Online forums. I would have to say that even that feature is something that wasn’t used a lot in the early days of Eve by corporations for recruitment purposes. These days with all the options and currently with Eve not looking to be pulling many people in on average, it is a rough thing to do. As CEO you are the main recruiter until you get people willing to help you out. Even those willing to help out, this is a chore in Eve and one that will drive everyone crazy. If something isn’t drawing them to your corporation for one reason or another, you are having to beat the bushes to see what falls out.

One of the lessons I learned was that you have to be willing to NOT accept people just because it is a warm body. I had a good member at the time want to bring a friend of his into the corporation because he felt he owed him something. They had some past history, he really liked our corp and had been with us for six months or so. To make an amends, he wanted to give the guy good people to fly with and a place that he could help with growing our numbers. After talking with the potential recruit, I honestly didn’t have a good feeling about the guy. He came in and basically caused disruptions among a lot of members. My corporation is basically drama free and that is the way we ALL like it. I asked him to leave which he did, but had brought his alt corp into the alliance we were in. So the end of his drama stirring didn’t stop there by any means.

We were in Null Sec at the time, had moon mining operations going and who knows truly if it was making us any isk or not. We didn’t have the tools on hand that I have today. Of course that member was with us back then, but it was a little bit before I utilized their talents when I made them a director. So when we moved in, we had scanned all the moons and were doing some moon mining since the way things were ran, if the moon isn’t taken by someone it is free to use. When it was all said and done, this guy spread how our actions were making all this isk (which at that time probably wasn’t) and how the alliance needed to tax based on the moons. The way it was all written up, it was based on small towers and accounted for the fuel of only a small. Now if I was mining with a large and doing reactions, that wasn’t accounted for and etc. Since we were renters at that point in time, instead of it being split among corporations, we would have ended up footing most of the bill. We pulled out and left within three days. That actually ended up killing that alliance too.

I am gloss over a lot of details to not make this an extremely long read. I mention this because this is an example of why you need to listen to your gut instincts. Yes, this is just a game and a bunch of pixels, but some things hold true even through the screen. These days we do a two interview process so that we can get the opinion of multiple people. If one person has a bad feeling, then it is an automatic disqualification. Better to weed out the bad before they get into your corporation. Also in my experience, I would take newer players over older ones any day. Newer are more likely to listen, work with you and that brings in the tighter group. Older players tend to know how they want to do it with or without your group. This isn’t always the case and not bashing older players, but even I find myself getting caught up at times with what I know and forget that I have had a lot of time in this game.

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