Most times you are going to have people willing to help you out in your corp or alliance. This was something I found difficult to do in the beginning was open up to allow people to help. That is part of delegating and general leading. The two spots that are the hardest to fill or sometimes burns people out the quickest are recruiting and fcing.

One of the things I stress to my guys, who I try to make sure those who are online are in our public channel, is that we all know who we want to have around us. With our group we are drama free, we have fleets where people don’t lose their stuff yelling at one another, and we show respect to each other. Recruiting once someone gets in public is easy because anyone can talk to them to get a feel for who they are. I tell my guys to just ask them the typical general stuff and listen to what people say. If you let people go on about themselves, they will tell you things they don’t even mean to reveal. The thing about true recruiters is getting them to follow Eve Forums and try pick people out of the recruitment channel. It takes persistence and drive to want to help the corporation grow. I have been fortunate to have people who currently are helping with this and there are those who have been there doing it in the past. If you are are a corp member and you are looking for ways to help out, this in my opinion is one of the spots you can never have enough people in.

FCing position isn’t from people not wanting to do it. In this case it is completely opposite of how people look at it versus recruiting. There tends to be people willing to try their hand at taking out ships with people, but they fear the fact there could be losses. Even with an SRP in place and letting them know that the corporation / alliance is showing them full support, there tends to be hesitation. If it is something they like doing or get the drive to be number one, then it is self rewarding when you walk away with a positive killboard. I know CTA style FCing and if you are the only one could wear people.

If you are a CEO reading this, you just need to back your guys and let them know what a good job they are doing. I try my best to let them know how much I appreciate the help and all they do. If you are a member and want to help, there are other roles than just these out there. What it boils down to is that these are two very big ones. The only other one would be logistics, but that is more understandable I think with the cost of JF’s and need of so many cyno alts.

To my guys, once again I fly with the best in Eve, keep up the good work, and thank you for helping me in building up our corp / alliance.

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Looking at this as an Eve Player - CEO since '07 and Current alliance head since '14 View all posts by Kregan Gadhar

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