Progodlegend – PGL = Some mature adult

Usually unless it is a corp or alliance member, I don’t try to name people specifically on this blog that I have an issue with. Though I must say that PGL opened this door when he said, “Although I am often the one to remind you all that this is a video game not to be taken so seriously, I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that my experiences of playing EVE with you guys has been a somewhat significant part of my maturation as an adult.” when his mail or letter to Nulli was published on Evenews24. Had he not said the part about Eve helping him mature as an adult I would have not posted on this.

There was a time when HPL was a part of N3 Coalition when it was in the Mildly Intoxicated Alliance. Towards the end of our time in the alliance I was co-lead of the alliance with a guy whose char was named Adorablerage. It was during this time that I had one of my most memorable moments in Eve. It was during the defense of our space that while running 4 dreadnoughts that 18 carriers got killed. Some back history, it was during the Halloween War that this was happening and we were told to evacuate Tenerifis. We wanted to make it hurt for them to take it, we had a titan in the cooker and we considered the space home since we were there for two years.

When we lost the dreads because CFC came in on the way home, it was clear that if they had their support there is no way we could hold the space. N3 wasn’t doing anything to help support us and there was stuff going on in the background that we didn’t know about at the time. Our former leadership wasn’t talking with the N3 Leadership and when there was a regime change it didn’t seem to matter. At that point the Kadeshi were wanting our space and they had a voice while we were being blocked out of channels before being removed from the coalition. A month and a half before it was over they had cancelled all our access but kept telling us we were apart of the group.

We didn’t end up giving up all our space by the time N3 was able to come back in. CFC went back home after steamrolling the place and stopping for….. reasons only their own that I have my own thoughts on. As they came back in we were informed that we were going to be losing our space in Tenerifis. They would keep us blue for us to evac, but there was a time frame on that one too. This is when I started to have the most interaction with the “mature” PGL.

Talking with him in skype and having extremely late night negotiations, Mildly Sober, the sister alliance was going to move into Impass and there was a constellation that was supposed to be given to us. Not only that, we were supposed to have free run of the moons in that area. It was a chance for us to have some space that wasn’t near as good that we had, but an opportunity for us as an alliance to get back in their good graces. As Mildly Intoxicated, we were supposed to deploy to help Mordus Angels and Triumvirate in their war against the CFC. On top of that I was requested to hire Noir for 15B to help in getting this organized and kick off the whole campaign against them. PGL said that N3 had not utilized our Blops talent as they should have and things in the future would be different.

Come to find out he was making plans behind the other leaderships back. We were taking down towers and such in the space we were supposed to have. They put towers up in their place and next thing we hear is that we are going to be reset in 24 hours if we don’t stop doing what we were doing. So we were forced out again, 15B was spent before this happened though promised reimbursement.

Mr. Mature even after this happened said that he would cover it personally. That he would make things right since he was the one who cost us the isk. I brought it up a few times since and he keeps saying that he hasn’t forgotten that he would take care of it. Now, don’t say you are mature and learn things from Eve when you can’t keep your promise. No, I wasn’t holding my breath that he would but couldn’t help myself. So one of the things that he also learned from Eve was how to lie to people. Might as well throw in the other things that he learned.

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2 responses to “Progodlegend – PGL = Some mature adult

  • Harri

    PGL also mentions that he is going to be graduating college soon. That means he is a fairly young man. Since he’s been playing Eve for quite awhile and young people in general are more immature, maturing with age, in addition to Eve being as wide open ridiculous in what you can do to others in-game – he most likely means he has matured IRL all the while playing Eve. I have a stepson – I had admitting that- who played Eve for years from a young age, It’s his mother’s fault, I tried to tell her. He is now a scamming, lying sack of shit just like he was in-game. Not everyone becomes that. I firmly believe my stepson has blurred the in-game ability to do with real life acceptable behavior.

    I’d implore you to step back a little and not be so butthurt over in-game actions. It really is a game.


    • kregangadhar

      See the thing is, you take it like I am upset when I am far from it. Yes I know that PGL is young and when I realized his age when dealing with him, it explained a lot. There are usually two ways people take statements like this in Eve. People either say that someone is taking it too personally or they side with what is being said.

      Like I said in the article to begin with, he opened himself up for that kind of response when he made public whether to his alliance/corporation/or interview with The Mittani. I’m not saying that I think PGL is the scum of the earth, but I am saying that I do believe who people are reflects in Eve and why I posted on it today. Which was in part due to this message right here.

      It is a game and as a game people who read my stuff are generally Eve players. So if I get screwed by X and mention it to no one, then one of my readers gets screwed by X, should I have not warned them? Where do you draw the line of informing people and where people say it is just a game, don’t take it personally? WOW, I think this is the start of my next post. Cause it is going to be different based on your point of view.

      I do wish the best that your stepson comes out better.


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