The Lessons of Hi Sec

So when I started my adventures in EVE I had a pretty solid anti-ganking stance. I really felt that ganking was “wrong”. The time IOC spent in hi/low sec really opened my eyes. We had learn to keep our drug and hi sec industry programs going, while dealing with constant war decs, CODE., and our hostile low sec neighbors. Learning to handle the pressure being applied to you and your organization is part of the game.  These are some lessons you should be taking from your encounters:

1) Really read what CODE. themselves say you need to do to not get ganked. I don’t necessarily mean buying mining permits. I mean watch directional, have a scout out, fit your ships properly, and be aware of your surroundings. Bonus points for unfucking your overview. On a side note CCP should give people unfucked overviews by default. CCP if you want to help the new player experience start with that.

2) Mining ships and industrials have stats like any other ship. If you mine/haul, understand that you are making the same tradeoffs as combat vessels. Combat ships trade DPS for tank. Mining ships and haulers trade ore or space for tank. Its no different.

3) You are responsible for knowing the mechanics of the game. How many miners know how much DPS a Catalyst can do in the time it takes for Concord to respond in a .5 system? If the “12 year olds living in their mom’s basements” can figure these numbers out, the hi sec industrialists of New Eden certainly can right?

4) When it comes to war decs its worth fighting back. Yes you’ll probably lose. You need to learn how to dust yourself off, adapt, and try again though. When you learn to defend yourself, your options open up tremendously. If you need help, there are legit merc organizations out there. I recommend Break-A-Wish.

5) The people around you are doing stuff and you need to be at least semi aware of what that is. The nice quiet guy next to you might be logging in a gank alt as soon as the ice belt is gone. Look for patterns.

Learning to deal with the people around you is part of the game. You might find they are peaceful industrialists. They might also be tribal cannibals. A lot of EVE is finding where you fit among them.

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FC of the Independent Operators Consortium and admitted booster addict. I bring you tales of the trials and tribulations of trying not to run a new alliance into the ground. View all posts by Toriessian

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