Informing People versus Taking the game too personally.

I’m actually writing this early, but can set it to post later. I don’t know that I will be able to keep pulling this off, but stuff keeps coming my way that gives me ideas to post on. With that, I am trying to have something up every two days and I hope that it is something people actually want to read. The fact some have been referenced on other people’s sites brings traffic which can only help this cause. Whether they find it worth reading is something different entirely.

PGL is giving me great source material and he probably has no clue anything about this place. So in discussions with people over my article, the resounding theme from those who know nothing about me is that I take this game too personally. In some ways this post could be linked with my previous one about matter of perspective. People tend to agree or disagree and those who disagrees first comment is that I am taking the game to heart.

One of the examples which was in a reply posted in the PGL comments section and I am going to reword it a little bit. I’m far from saying I have followers to this blog, I think we have drive-by traffic and maybe a few who check this place since I have been posting regularly. Say it was one of my corp members who follows this blog and reads what I have to say since there is different kind of information involved. For example, I get screwed when trying to make a deal by Player X when trying to buy a T2 BPO off the forums. I wanted that Warp Core Stab II BPO so bad, that I ignored all the warning signs and got taken for billions. Then I don’t warn anyone about it because being head of an alliance and CEO I should have known better than to be suckered. So my ego says let it slide and don’t mention it because it is shameful. Then faithful member knows how many Warp Core Stab II’s we use and wants to be helpful. Gets suckered into the same scam, but my ego prevented him from being warned. I would feel personally responsible.

If I had just posted on here what happened, I am sure it would bring laughs to some and words of encouragement from others. I wouldn’t hear that I was taking the game way too personally because I was letting people know that Player X was out screwing people and here is how he was doing it. Though the minute I mention I got screwed by the one and only PGL, I am taking the game too personally by also saying that he learned to lie in his time playing Eve. Both were in game actions, both were against me, both were within the confines of a game, but they are both looked at differently by some.

When you read something on this site it is going to be Eve related and from someone’s perspective. We are all biased in our own ways based on our views and at least I can acknowledge that fact. One day if I am bored or running low on topics I will hit up a book review or something to that sort. As it stands what I have to say is going to be informing people about Eve or People in Eve based on my biased experiences. I pay/plex for this game just like everyone else, I will do my best to get my money’s worth of fun out of this just like everyone else and I think we all at times take this game too personally.

This should not be the first response out of someone just because of a post. You have to keep in mind that when you are reading text there are no inflections that complete how someone means to come across. I know that just by my typing at times I come across as a complete dickhead and that has to do with my seeing things in black or white type nature. But when talking to me, most people are able to judge in those situations if I am being sincerely a dickhead or that is just how the words on paper come across. This is why I like Teamspeak so much, because not only does it bring a degree of empathy to one another as well as tell the inflections in ones speech.

I know this post will make NO impact on that whatsoever, but I am throwing it out there. Much like those in Eve who screw people over say it is just a game, it is usually those same ones who say that you are taking this too personally. I think there is a direct correlation here, but that is just my own opinion.

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