Chribba’s Response

As I said in a previous post, I would ask Chribba to verify if my assumptions were correct or not. It would show if I was completely off the mark or spot on with how I feel the people are in Eve. I did originally ask him the question, but I went back and asked him if I could send him a list of questions. I know some of these questions are commonly asked of him or maybe worded differently. With us being in different TZ and wanting him to have the time he needed to respond, I sent them just as questions on a sheet.

Chribba, as you know this started from a Blog post I made where I said that I would contact you and ask you a question. Just to set this up a little bit, I haven’t talked to you before this Blog situation except once a few years ago when I mailed you asking about who runs a website that is now long gone. So those who will read this know, I am just sending you a list of questions so you can get back with me when you have time.

When I contacted you I sent you the link to the blog and I know you have read it, what was your opinion on the post?
-I think you highlight a very common thought amongst any game and their players, real life vs virtual. I’m always fascinated about the players behind the virtual faces so overall it’s a good post, perhaps nothing new to me but it’s a topic that shouldn’t be left in shadows.

The reason for the contacting of you was I made a statement that I thought who you are in Real Life is reflected in who you are in Eve. What you you say to that?
-We have nothing beyond assumptions so you checking up on it is a good thing imo, if not for personal interest but to get more accurate articles written. And personally I’m happy your assumption fits well into how I feel that makes me know I’m on the right track for myself.

I know these are about to be typical questions asked of you, but I am leading up to something. When you started Eve what was your plan? Like I knew I would mine, but also wanted to run my own corp.
-Truth be told I didn’t really have any plans when I started, it was my first MMO, and I was merely looking for a replacement to the Elite-series games, so I didn’t really know what to expect or could then have any big plans – heck even CCP didn’t really know what to expect back then 😛

When in your mind did you become the most trusted person in Eve and do you enjoy doing the 3rd Party Services?
-I couldn’t really put a specific time when that happened as it has grown so gradually over the years, but sure one could say a definite time was when CCP used me as an example in a presentation of theirs explaining how the game allows pilots to become just about anything they can imagine. I very much enjoy helping people, while at times stressy.

It takes time, people taking a risk, you taking a risk, and such for people to trust in Eve. I think Eve is geared more to scammers, liars, thieves, and the like, than to those who are trust worthy. Looking from your perspective of Eve, what would you say to that?
-I fully agree, but that’s also what sets EVE apart from most other games, and I think if it wasn’t for this reason, EVE wouldn’t have been as successful that it is. Plus it’s a personal reward for myself as well, since being an asshole is easy, I can feel I may have unknowingly chosen the Hard mode option 🙂

Have you ever been scammed in any form in Eve?
-I have been scammed a few times, not much lately though, but yes I like many others have believed someone’s word and then been left with a lot less ISK in the wallet. That’s how I learned how to be cautious though.

As one of the most trusted in Eve, do you feel that is why at times you are targetted? Like with the Veldnaught Situation years ago and I know there have always been talks of trying to gank it.
-I’m sure that is partially it, not that it happens very often, but I see it as a similar thing as simply saying hi to someone that is recognized by many. I love the community and if it were not for them I wouldn’t be here today.

I know I have seen you undocking or docking in Amarr with Veldnaught. With my time in Eve that could have been yesterday or two years ago with the way my memory works. With the SP being higher on so many chars, is there any concern about the ganking of Veldnaught?
-Not really, with the “new” quick to train for ships like Tornado and similar, I’m sure that if you just gather enough people, them being a few weeks old or 5 years old it could be done. So to me it is probably just more a matter of time, and I’ve always said that if it falls to a suicide gank, I would tip my hat for the involved pilots as it would be an amazing display of coordination.

At times I consider myself a bitter vet looking at all the soap boxes I stand on. My biggest Eve issue is that with the elimination of Learn Skills, I train less now than I did before. Apparently I was in the minority and actually had them maxed out. What would you say was a change that was made in Eve that you didn’t like?
-What ruined things about skill training (if one can say ruined) was the increased skill queue to be honest, I’ve found myself training skills way less planned now, that especially for my alts where I’ve just put in a queue of 180 days and then not care as before I would actually plan a bit on what to train – but it’s a good thing as well to not have to care about the skills haha. There’s no single change that was made that I’ve had any stronger opinions about, except perhaps the removal of the old portraits for the new character creator. The idea was good, but poorly implemented as we still years later can’t really do anything with our avatar, and for that I much rather have kept my unique appearance instead of now when everyone looks very similar.

I wont ask if I have a new reader for fear that the answer is no and you are humoring me with this interview. I do thank you for your time.

Here is where I originally asked him, before I asked him if he would answer some questions.

Question for you
Kregan Gadhar
Sent: 2015.07.13 14:27


You are known for being trust worthy in Eve. How much would you say that your character reflects who you are in life?

I ask this because I made a blog post and as part of it my opinion based on all you have done for Eve was that you are in life as you are in game. Looking at the sites you have built, participation in Eve, interviews you have done, and things like that. I mentioned in the blog that I would ask you for verification on this because I am making judgement calls based on opinion and not fact.

No rush to answer this and I thank you for your time.

Re: Question for you
Sent: 2015.07.13 15:53
Kregan Gadhar,

Wonder if I should read that article before I answer haha 😉

But I feel I am playing the game very similar to how I am in real life. I value honesty, loyalty and trust very high and I try to live like it as well. I would say that I am using more profanity in-game than I do in real life though haha

So yes, I feel my in-game persona is very close to how I am in real life (except I look older in-game)


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