High Sec – Then and Now

Helion Production Labs (HPL) started in High Sec as many corps did back then. For our first couple of years there was a stretch of about four systems that we kept safe from pirates and gankers in “The Citadel” region. Auviken, Ohvosamon, Jeras, and Usi used to be the systems that we called home. Before we had ever entered Null Sec I want to say we were only Wardecced a couple of times. Especially back then when everyone was basically on the same level SP wise, it was always about the numbers more of who showed up. When you would make the appearance, it would be enough to drive off those would be attackers. There were times when we had enough T1 ships that we could counter their smaller force of T2 ships. I know there are going to be people who dispute this, but I would say it was my corp that coined the phrase carebears with teeth. It was actually in our recruitment post before I ever saw or heard it from someone else.

Now this type of corporation is more called hybrid because we have some indy and more pvp. Back then it was more indy and some pvp, but the requirement for joining was that you have to be willing to defend corp assets. For a long time our corp was more indy than pvp, until we spent significant time in Null and realized that it wasn’t going to work to be more indy. When you want to be able to hold your own space, you have to have more who want to fight than build. This was when our corporation morphed into what it is now. There are other things we have been doing for years that people are just now in the major groups catching onto doing. Funny at the time you are called stupid for “not knowing how things really work” and then a few years later you are being copied.

After the screw job mentioned in the Post about PGL, we ended up in Low/High Sec. Now you have code out there, which I had in the past my mackinaw’s ganked, but the reason they died wasn’t because I couldn’t have saved them. I got cocky that the first guy didn’t kill them, it gave the second guy plenty of time to come in and finish things off. That was the one time I was ganked in high sec while mining that I can recall. Code wasn’t around back then and Hulkageddon was new too, but this time in high sec it is common place. Not only did we piss off Code, we popped one of their main guys ratting ships. Also we were under constant wardecs by various mercs, which back then there weren’t buy truly a couple of good ones. The mercs these days tend to camp the trade hubs and we did try to mount some attacks against them. There were some fair fights and other times they would show up with Neutral Reppers.

I’m not saying that high sec is a dangerous place, but I don’t think it is quite as “safe” as it once used to be. I do think with the mechanics of today that it is easier to be a griefer and wardecs are a dime a dozen. The revamp of that system wasn’t anything like they thought it would be in my opinion. Where once we could keep a few systems clear, now it would be probably considered the problem area that all the griefers would flock to. I do think that people should have the option to be able to login and do their thing in relative safety without fear of harassment. I know this has helped make Eve what it is, but I also believe this is what has driven so many away.

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