Turn over in Eve

If you have played Eve for over six months, then you have no doubt seen people come and go in this game. I know over the years I have had a lot of people come and go in my corporation. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if your corporation is 1000 members strong or only 20, people are always going to end up leaving Eve. Some will come back and others probably never return. Before I kick someone out of the corp who has been inactive, I drop them a mail explaining why I am doing it and that they are welcome to come back if they rejoin Eve. Something so easy has lead to members returning to the corporation when they come back to Eve.

Rage quitting tends to be the one I think happens the most out of all of the possible reasons. You have the people who lose that ratting carrier because they for that moment stopped paying attention to local feeling secure or get distracted looking away from what the char is doing. One of the things I always try to drill into my guys head is that if you can’t afford to lose it, then you shouldn’t be out flying it. Same token, I take it as all my ships are going to die at some point and easier to accept it now. So have fun with it and when you lose it don’t take it so much to heart.

Still in the rage quitting, I would say that those new to the game and quit within the trial or first month happens because of some loss. One of the questions I asked Chribba in this article here was talking about how basically the game is geared more towards those who grief. Chribba said this is what makes Eve different from other MMO’s and I do agree with this. Though I do think this what has stopped some of the new players from continuing their time in Eve. I do believe I can hear the comments now that this statement will bring, but there are people who want to play without there being risks. Some people want to play a game for fun, that they can still fly around in their spaceship without having to worry about being griefed. Yes there are single player games that have these aspects, but people do still like to interact with others and have some communication. In my years of playing this game this is the one thing that seems to be lost on those who grief others for fun. Either you are called a carebear, go play WOW, or any of the other number of things I have heard these people being told. I’m not saying stop griefing others, but I do think this is something that should be addressed.

Second biggest one would have to be real life. I have had two of my directors within the last year get married, one having a baby and the other gaining a family from the marriage. Then there are also those who receive promotions, job loss, or just job changes in some form. This has been the one that I think makes a big difference to those who are recruiting that have families. There are corps or alliances that say they realize RL comes first and I can’t speak for all of them. I do know that my alliance is that way and we honor that statement. When you have Military people getting deployed to all parts of the world, you have to be understanding of that. As long as I know what is going on I tend to not boot these people out unless it has been an extremely long period away. This is also one of the benefits of the unlimited skill train. Being able to set things up for over a year helps to keep them training. Some of these people are able to keep going and make things work, but I have had a lot over the years not be able to keep it going. The others tend to lose focus or desire to keep going.

Burnout would have to be my final one. Yeah this one takes more time in the game than the others usually. There have been times I have almost wanted to call it quits when you see things crumbling around you. Me personally learning the hard lessons of running a corporation over the years, it falling apart and then rebuilding. Or having it grow to over 200 and getting screwed by a coalition for it to drop your group in half because you have those who are loyal to the corp and the other members versus those who just want to be in good null sec. You have the FC’s that continue to run fleets and try their best to provide as much content as they possibly can, but people stop showing up or the forces against you constantly outnumber you 3 to 1. Yeah these things can cause you to burn out. Mostly I see this in new idealistic CEO’s that are wanting to set out in Eve to make their mark. They are the guys you would want in your alliance because they are loyal to a fault, but when it comes to listening to your advice, it never seems to make it into their heads. They work it, work it, work it, work it, and some where they realize it has become a job. In Eve, if you plan to lead anything more than 10 people in something, you have to realize there is going to be work involved and have to be willing to do that.

Who knows if the numbers will bounce back after Fozzie Sov or there is going to have to be a new influx of members. As I am typing this, usually there is 45k to 55K online back not too long ago, but when I look at the numbers there is only 31k.

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