Switching Sides

For anyone who has been in null sec any length of time, the odds are you have been approached to switch sides. Whether the invader is winning or not, there is always someone trying to get things to fall apart. Of course with HPL’s years in the game we have been approached as a corp and as an alliance. This is probably a shock to some, but we have never actually changed sides in the middle of a war. Now this doesn’t mean that a coalition didn’t change their sides on us during the middle of a war and boot us, because N3 Coalition did this to us after we made a last stand to save our space when the rest of them had already abandoned theirs. To me this falls under loyalty on both parts. If you have issues with someone, you need to tell them and see if things can be resolved. I think it is funny how the people who ask you this want your loyalty after you switch sides, but don’t seem to understand that you might have loyalty in staying.

The thing is, there have been times when out of loyalty you can hang on too long. There are benefits and downfalls to being one who is loyal to the end. When you look in hindsight you can easily second guess your decisions and see possibilities if you had done something another way. It is a tricky thing because it seems that loyalty in Eve is basically on a whim of what people think will serve them best. Kind of like when you make friends with other CEO’s, you have agreements, you fulfill your side, but if it doesn’t benefit them in some manner they usually don’t fulfill theirs. I over the years have come to the aid of more corps and alliances than I really probably can count. Trying to bail them out from this pirate group in High Sec or coming to aid them in saving a POS in Null Sec. You name it and most likely we have been in that scenario helping someone I thought was a friend to the group. Yet there are always excuses when my group needs help from the people we just put our necks on the line for.

At the end of the day I think it is just selfish nature and using what you can to further your own cause. We made a deal with Red Alliance and we intend to hold up our end of the bargain. It goes back to also my article talking about how people are in Eve versus Real Life. There are going to be some changes on my side of how this operates from now on and I hate to be this way. People are going to have to start proving to me that they are worth me putting the alliance or my corporation on the line for them. Sticking your neck out in Eve tends to get an axe headed in your direction to chop yours off instead of the person you are going to help.

I know you might look at this and see two different things, but I see them as one thing. Maybe it is the black and white view I take most times, but you are switching sides if you aren’t honoring an agreement. You are switching sides if you turn your back on a friend especially after they have done things to help you out. I know when I started this alliance I went through a lot of my contacts calling on those people who I thought were friends. My contact list is considerably smaller these days and I am more cautious about who I put in there than I was before. Even in my leadership I am surrounded by people who feel their morals still play a part in a game and they keep me in check when I might have my doubts.

I will say it again. I fly with the best in Eve. We might not have the highest skill points. We might not have the most expensive ships. We do have each others backs and don’t doubt it.

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