They have won Eve

Keep a few things in mind. First things is that this is MY opinion and as this is a Blog, it is not a news source. Second thing is that it is based on things I have seen, articles written, and just water cooler talk around the Alliance gossip table. I fully expect some to agree with this just like I know there are going to be those who disagree.

Some of the guys were looking over the Eve Map last night looking at all the people who have been contested with the new Fozzie Sov in place. Most regions have on average about 5 being contested, there are a handful that are really in trouble, but there are also some who have zero systems being contested. When you look at the Dotlan map, the north is basically sitting up there safe. The Imperium/CFC/Goons or whatever they are going by and their allies are safe at the moment. This part is fact and can be seen if you look on the map to verify.

After the B-R5RB fight during the Halloween War, this in MY opinion signaled that the CFC had won Eve. Basically at that point the one group who could contest them went into full on retreat. They dropped everything, started running for the hills and people started rolling up space so fast it wasn’t funny. Usually you would still expect that there would be resistance along the way to keep it from just being a breeze for people. In the past it was always a fighting retreat when you look at anyone who was getting beaten. Even BoB put in a fighting retreat before the Goons were able to unseat them from their Throne in Eve. This was not the case with N3 this time and even we were told that we needed to pull up stakes and run. We had a constellation in Tenerifis and if it wasn’t for a Titan being built at the time, things might have gone differently for us. Darkness of Despair was coming through the region, The Kadeshi had already abandoned their Systems, EON had left as well and that left us in the region needing to hold on for it to be finished. Noir. helped because it was their Titan and they had paid half up front. There was only one fight that it wasn’t Mildly Alliances and Noir alone, which that will be one of my fondest memories in Eve.

CFC had left clean up of areas like that to those who I guess they designated were going to get the space. At that point there was nothing N3 could do to stop what was happening to them and Detorid was being taken over too which was cutting our routes to high sec down to almost nothing. Then out of no where the announcement comes that the CFC is done pushing and heading home. The Russians were going to continue what was going on, etc. etc. and the Goons had accomplished what they set out to do. So the story goes that was told to everyone in the news reporting.

Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Again this is my opinion, but the feared big blue doughnut was about to happen. If you stop and look at all the things that the Goons have set out to accomplish, they have done it. Burn Jita’s have been successful, though if the game was like what CCP says it should be, then realistically the Caldari Navy wouldn’t allow the biggest market hub to be under constant attack like that. But it is player driven and it is allowed to happen. Plus I can say I have not personally or corporately lost anything to Burn Jita. When Technetium was king and they formed OTEC. I mean the list can go on and pretty much at this point I wonder how many trillions they have amassed in income. The Goons could have taken all the space they wanted, but I think it would have wrecked the game and that is why they stopped.

At the moment The Goons are able to run through Eve as they please. They can live where they want without another power really able to stop them. They have the internal structure and leadership in place that can handle such things without there being any problems. Yes they have had losses, yes there have been things behind the scene supposedly that we have never seen and the such. But what is left for them to do that they haven’t done already? Short of literally taking over ALL the space…. which might be hard for them under new SOV, but then again probably not since they tend to figure out how to win under any circumstance…. there isn’t anything left that they haven’t accomplished.

This is my opinion supported by some of my friends. What do I know?

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One response to “They have won Eve

  • Borat Guereen

    Any game with the premises of Eve is bound to generate this kind of domination at some point. It is just human nature, and the roman empire has dominated the Mediterranean basin for hundred of years, until they crumbled.

    The current problem is that the game makes it too easy for established power players to keep sitting on their trillion ISK making system to infiltrate and undermine any other groups before they reach the size were they can be a real threat.

    Alts anonymity makes it really easy (I am not saying it could not be done without it, but you would then have to deal with a player, and not an anonymous pilot construct that any power player can create anytime)


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