History of my Corporation – Part 3

Here comes probably my lowest point in Eve ever and the lowest point for the corporation as well. Still to this day I don’t completely know what caused the following actions to occur. We had a director that in hindsight should never have been a director. Ryoko doesn’t play anymore so using his name isn’t going to cause issues, but he was made a director when he talked about creating a Stealth Bomber fleet. After he realized there was going to be work involved in accomplishing such a task, talk of it all but stopped. This was actually back when HPL was in Quantum Forge that the decision to make him a director happened. After we got back to High Sec to pick ourselves back up from the Null Sec fiasco, he went off the deep end talking to another director. He implied he would steal from the corp and some other things, so his roles were taken away. He then hijacked one of my accounts and stole some stuff from me. Thankfully the guy was not a good director or he could have walked away with many billions, as it stood he just took my freighter. After that got squared away and him knocked out of the corp, but it didn’t stop there.
There is a big difference between sitting in High Sec and the isk that could be made in Null Sec. We started to have some people leave and this was just the first week back into high sec. People are always going to come and go from corporations in Eve, for what ever the reason. One of the people who left was a director, but he left because of the way another director was acting. Commander Vice started blaming everyone but himself for all that was going wrong in HPL. He proceeded to drop an announcement to the corporation that he was leaving with most of his characters. He was one to have as many as I do and so when you tell me most of your characters, that is quite a few. I consulted multiple people before I did it, but I removed his roles as director, because his focus at that point was going to be elsewhere. Some who are still in the corporation know the fallout from what happened and here recently a couple of members have been brought into the fallout. Vice used the corporate hangars for his work as well as his own stuff. I am guilty of the same thing and was talking with Revid about it last night, that I am surprised him or any other directors haven’t asked me to clean up my mess. I took everything out that was his and gave it back to him, still have the contract history to prove it. He accused me of holding things that were his that weren’t in any corp hangar or my own. I even asked Talos to run searches on all the things Vice would bring up that I stole from him. We were constantly coming up empty on these items. One of the things I have told directors who leave their BPO’s in Corporate Assets section of our hangars, is if they don’t want it getting locked down and claimed, to keep it in their own hangar. All the BPO’s I have ever bought are corp property, but that was my choice and Vice bought BPO’s for the corporation. In fact, the two of us tended to split the Capital ones. In the end, I never kicked him out of HPL even through all the hate mail posted in corp or forum posts. He left on his own and I still have those posts in the directors forum. Also I gave him 7B in isk and would have given him 7B more, but it was counsel who told me not to. Many of the guys who came to the gathering knew that Effin Nuts and myself paid about $800 to get Vice up to the gathering. That is how much we wanted him there and considered him a friend. Didn’t ask for the cash back either, but in the end all he could see was that some how we all betrayed him. I post this story, because the leadership you have went through this and it is not something I am ashamed to tell the story on. While this was going down though, people started jumping ship quick and I couldn’t blame them.
Six months passed with HPL pretty much being on life support and I don’t know really how much help I really was in that time. Not saying I wasn’t trying, but when your flame for playing the game is now barely a spark, it is hard. Really should have lost more members than I did and for those who stuck around, I will forever be grateful to your contributions to bringing HPL back to life. I need to clean up our forums, but there at the moment are still posts up asking about the life of HPL. Moment of truth that even some of my leadership doesn’t know, was in March when I dropped our membership back into the 30’s cleaning out the dead, this was my go for broke run. I had determined I would build this corp up one more time and put all I had into it with reckless abandon. Some people will remember the night that the flicker went back into a flame.
Twigmiester who was/is a director wanted to mess around with some moon mining in low sec to just get a feel for it. In his scanning he ran across a Technetium Moon that had absolutely no tower on it. For those who don’t know, these moons are isk printing machines, literally. Alright, lets pop up a tower, get things rolling, even if we have this a month, this would be a great moment in HPL history AND we can say we did it. Well, the one thing I didn’t pay attention to was the fact we were in a .4 system and you can only moon mine in .03 on down. Talk about a complete let down, but it wasn’t only my fire that was sparked when that happened. Other directors were just as excited as I was and it spawned the changes to come, even though I felt like a fool. This brought about a few of us scanning out the Great Wildlands to get things going there. Also we for a short time did Faction Warfare to try to pick up some PVP people, but it was nothing like the past. Though that lead to us putting up our third large tower in High Sec in case we needed to online another one for growth. All or nothing, remember? In the past people had to leave for us to put up towers, and I knew we were going to have too many to ask to pull a stunt like that. Good thing happened with FW because it gave us standings that only a couple had to step out.
As far as leadership goes, I have in the past always held the reigns in pretty tight. Scared that someone would screw the corp over and tried to run things all by myself. Thing is, when everything hinges on you, then if something happens to you, it all falls apart. Twig is still a director, but he is AWOL and not sure what happened. Effin is a director and he wonders why I have him as one, but the truth is, he is the personnel director. If you don’t know Dave, when you do get to meet him, you will understand. Talos is a director and probably the one I lean on the most. Not taking away from anyone else, but if I had to say who my right hand man was in Eve, he is the one I would point to. Everything from this website, to the Research section of the corp, to the moon mining, and I can’t tell you how many times I thought I would lose him before he was a director. Hard to understand at times why an EU guy would hang around a corp that has in the past been super majority of US people. That is changing too, because I always have wanted a mix and that is for another paragraph. Spitf1re is a director who has been diligently working on getting our mining ops back up and running. I just didn’t have the time and I was the main one who picked them back up when Twig was gone. This hasn’t been easy for him either, but that will be explained in another paragraph too. Toriessian is a director which I am sure most of you know as our FC. Spit stepped up into the role of Mining Director and Tor stepped into the role of our Fleet Director. He has been the driving force behind our roams and been proactive on learning all he can so we can be self-sufficient which we all want. When I was worried about all the hats and needing to man this hat, thankfully he took it from me before I had to. I will PVP and can PVP, but that is not my passion. Kayhlee is a director that RL has hit square in the face. He got a promotion at work, company I think bought out his job, and now they are expanding the business. He is head of recruiting which I have had to fill that role, but that is all part of leadership. ALSO!!!! he is the only director who ASKED for the position. I say that because if you want something and I have no clue that is what you want, then you wont get it. Not saying I will make you a director, but if you are looking at a position or want to help with some responsibility, or want to grow with the corp. Let me or someone know what you would like to do or become. Only spot that isn’t negotiable is CEO. lol. Last, but far from the least, Revid is a director. He has been with the corporation a long time now, but him going to school has limited his time in game. He has taken a break from Eve at least one time, but he has to be one of HPL’s last of the starting crew. He helps on the production side and has been one of the more driving forces about pestering me to get Capital BPO’s so he can produce things. Also for a side not, has to be the most impressive newbie miners I have ever run across. Making millions, selling ore to the corp while in a bantam and hauling his own stuff.

So we left Faction Warfare sadly disappointed because of the lack of anyone wanting to be a fighting unit outside of our guys. Then on top of that, you had people within trying to recruit members out from under each other, which leads to trust issues all over the place. Also we had members pressing for Null Sec and wanting to get back out to where, truthfully, we belong as a corporation. As much as I hated it, we went to looking for a place to rent starting out. There were a few options available and then I remembered an old friend of mine. Emperor Ryan had tried to roll HPL into his corporation back when we were looking for Null Sec when we went out to Razor Space. He wasn’t willing to bring us into his alliance and he was really looking for our industrial side more than our guys willing to fight, that was just going to be an added bonus to us joining his group. As most know, I’m not willing to roll into another corporation and more so at the time, that was one of the only options we were given. So after years of keeping in contact he was one of the few connections that ever paid off for HPL. He hung out with us when we were in Quantum Forge with an alt, and pretty much saw how I ran things. Even then, before he completely formed Mildly Intoxicated, he tried one last time to bring us in with him. He told me we would lead together, but in hindsight at that time, I wasn’t ready for such a thing. I sat down and wrote him a mail which I will have posted in here. At the time I didn’t know that Ryan’s time in Eve had severely dwindled and hinged on an unknown factor, Zarofdium.
HPL had something to prove and we essentially had to show that we were going to fulfill even a part of what I was looking for. Our numbers were low, we had a lot of new to the game members and still sported a lot of the Indy mentality when it came to corp doctrine. We started out by renting UQ-PWD from Mildly because of the sec status, but ease of access to high sec. After two and a half months we knew this wasn’t working for us and Zar had mentioned that he was possibly looking to rent out G-D0N. I knew we didn’t have the ability to take the system as a true rental, but we worked out a deal because of another piece of space given to us that got taken away. In truth when that happened, the older guys were really considering that it looked a lot like what happened with Imperial Legion, but we still stuck it out.
Our numbers had grown some, but we had lost some people and things seemed to be a little stagnate. Great Wildlands was yielding good isk for the corporation and in hindsight we should have done more than we did. Even if everything was lost right after this post, it has paid for itself and then some. There was a renewed effort to get more people to join our group and we had to change who we were looking for when it came to members. Getting indy guys is easy and can recruit them all day long, but we were learning that if you wanted to hold and have Null Sec, you needed to get fighters. That was really when Tor stepped into the role of our Head FC and getting roams lead by HPL. At the time of this posting we have been in G-D0N for about a year now with 165 member count. Nothing exciting really has happened other than a few important battles for HPL, but we have members stepping up to help fill in some of the gaps. As of this post, last month we were the top 4 out of 5 in the alliance killboard and this month we aren’t number one like last, but have two in the top 5. In this time we have also had our first Capital Ship battle and looking to have a lot more. We have done POS bashing and looking to make our Cap Fleet one that is an asset, not just looked at like we are bringing just a stick to a gun fight.
When HPL was in High Sec during its early years, I would say our group was really tight knit for a bunch of guys who hadn’t met each other. As it stands the majority of the leadership have at least met me and I think we have the group mentality going again. One of the things that always set HPL apart was the respect that is shown one another and of course being able to joke around without taking it overboard. In talking with the guys this weekend, we all feel that HPL is on the right track, that the next step in our lively hood as a corporation will happen this next year. Continuing to grow, make a name for ourselves and in the end all of us be proud to be apart of something great.

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