History of my Corporation – Part 4

Shortly after this point there were a lot of changes that came down the pipe. HPL did finally peak over 200 members, were very active and had a steady flow of fleets being ran. As a corporation we had about 60 carriers and 10 dreadnoughts within the fleet. Now our carrier use was really a minimum, but during fleets it was nothing for HPL to field 7 or more of its dreads for bashing purposes. The Halloween War as it was called was in full effect, our alliance leader was no where to be found and we were trying to keep our Catch assets from falling apart. To this day I still don’t know the complete cause of animosity to Mildly Intoxicated or how it started, but this is when it came to light to the masses from the N3 Coalition. A Handful of guys were assigned diplo roles to the coalition, myself being one of them, and every time we tried to get in contact them for coordination, it fell on dead ears. It wasn’t until we lost a couple of dreads while hitting some TCU’s, SBU’s and the like, did they decide it was worth talking to us. We got chewed on, told how stupid we were for not letting them know what we were doing, and next time we need to fill them in on what we plan to do. Just like before comms went silent and no one would talk to us.

Then there was the loss of E-Y station and system because the rest of the alliance wasn’t informed that it was on its last timer. Didn’t even know that it was on its first timer to be truthful about the situation. When that went down, there were a lot of people upset about the situation and I think the coalition was using that system as much as we were despite their…. indifference at times. Still there was no communication, there was no alliance head and it was four people trying to keep things a float in the alliance. Also during this whole time, despite our fleets which had coalition members in it, HPL had people flying constantly in coalitions fleets.

Next came the call to abandon Tenerifis. The battle of B-R was and at the moment still the biggest/costliest battle that has happened in all of Eve. It turned the tide of the war, this is solely MY opinion on this next part, and demoralized N3. Too many people had been in a constant struggle, due to a few stupid choices during the fighting, and the CFC came out on top. Three regions were steamrolled in no time flat and basically we were the last in Tenerifis to be actively fighting for our territory. Kadeshi pulled up and abandoned their space so quick that no one realized that had happened till their relocation had been announced. EON had space still in name only, but their alliance was falling apart and we had a Titan at stake. At the time the Titan was put in the cooker, things with the war looked like it was NO where near our space and usually a grind takes a while. No one thought that N3 would withdraw like they did without a fight.

Defense of our territory. One of the core beliefs that HPL has always had whether Indy or Hybrid, was that we were going to defend our stuff to the utmost degree. We had pulled a lot of important assets out, members worked together to get their toys out of systems, and only a few at this point had run. Morale alliance and corporation was very high. Unfortunately the stakes were too high to let the average person in the alliance know that there was a titan building. To this day I would have had no issue letting the HPL guys know because I know we had no spies in our ranks. Though there were spies in the alliance and one was fairly high in the holding corp. Fighting was a daily thing of taking their SBU’s down and they would put them back up. There were a couple of systems in the pipe we lost, but the fight to hold them wasn’t where we deemed it important. Noir was getting the Titan, so they had an interest in making sure that it was completely built and they helped in defense of our territory. After the Capital ship tower was hit, anyone who looked at what was inside would have known something big was cooking. I still think most thought it was a Super Carrier and not a Titan.
I think different people are going to have different opinions as to which battle was most important to them. All I can say is against all odds, we held for over a month against Darkness before we struck a deal to save our stuff. To me the battle that will stick as one of my most memorable was when Darkness was trying to put a Tower in T-A with a Rorqual and I will be honest I don’t completely know all the details because it started before I logged in. I do know that it was a small escalation of force because more subcaps came in and Darkness called in Carriers. When I log in, people are talking about needing more DPS on the grid, that they can’t break the tank of the carriers. So I find out that they are wanting Dreads and I am pretty much the only one online with dreads in the right spot. I launch four dreads and another guy launched his from the station in the system. We get on grid, he is calling the shots, and we are melting them so quick that we are mainly waiting for our targeting to lock them. The other guy was calling the shots, but when his dread got popped it was left up to me. There was even one point during the fighting I was able to dock up and repair to return to the fight. By pure chance the CFC was bringing its carriers home from the war front, were able to stop in long enough to kill my dreads and keep going. In the end, we would have won and I still call it a victory because we owned the Darkness guys. 18 carriers and a lot of subcaps for our total 6 Dreads and some subcaps.

After this battle and could be another reason why I remember it so well, was the fact we sat down to talk to Darkness about us Evacing our assets out. They knew something was cooking in the tower, they knew we were working to save it and we were told it was going to be targeted after it came out of reinforce. The time that it was coming out was bad for our EU and US guys for being able to defend. Someone…. again that was when we found out about some of our spies, hadn’t adjusted the stront to work in our favor. The odds would be that they could take the tower out without meeting much resistance from us. It was never admitted to them that we were saving something from the tower, by handing over some systems, the moons, and doing so quickly was going to buy us the time we needed. N3, PGL (Progodlegend), questioned why we made the deal and I had to point out to him that by his own admission they couldn’t help us save the tower. Any time PGL pings for fleets, the enemy is watching his move and they have who knows how many spies in the network.

Darkness fell apart due to internal stuff and another thing that we might have been able to hold out if that was something we knew. The risk was too great and the odds against us, 70B would have been the possible price tag. Then the alliance was told we were going to still lose the territory despite it all. The Kadeshi had been after it for some time and by this point Mildly was led by Rage and myself. I went into immediate negotiations on us keeping our space, I laid everything out I could. There are still copies of the negotiations that I will consider posting in this as a record of our past. In the time span of two weeks, I haven’t put as many hours into Eve as I did during the negotiations of keeping our space and then into negotiating for new space. The coalition used just about everything they could think of against us in why we shouldn’t keep the space. Some weren’t pleased with the amount of people that were in Coalition fleets, but the line members used to love joining our roams weekly between CTA fleets to give them a break from the usual grind. A couple of leaders ended up having some kind of grudge against some of the other members and there was nothing so I was told that could be done to repair the damage. Only to find out some months later that the former alliance leader wasn’t even talking to coalition leaders. That for two years or a little better the alliance we hanging on by good graces and that our last stand meant nothing despite the fact all our allies ran.

Then the negotiation for new space that wasn’t going to be as good, but would give us a chance to redeem ourselves. Mildly Intoxicated was going to stay incognito from the N3 Coalition and make it look like Mildly Sober broke away for greener pastures. This would gives us a chance to operate near anywhere, but also have a place to come back to rat and make isk. There were decent moons there that would fill the SOV bill and our standard SRP requirements without it falling on the coalition. Not only would we be self supporting, it also would give us the chance to run fleets best suited for our style of fighting. I worked to team with Noir, MOA, and us to form a group to hammer the CFC renters. It was a plan to shutdown a region and deny them the ability to make income off those groups. There were starting to be talks with Tri as well to bring them into the fold of the plans. There was a go ahead for us to start settling a constellation in Impass, but then there was some confusion over the moons. We had been told that we would have the moons and to take them as soon as we could. Deny anyone still manning them isk. Next thing we know, a notice of 24 hours to evac was given and that our standings were going to be rest with the coalition. On top of that, part of the deal with Noir was going to cost 15B, and they needed to be paid so that their services would be secured. In the end, we were denied the constellation that was promised us and effectively removed from the coalition. PGL promised to refund the isk since he was the one who made the deal with me, but we have yet to see that.

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