People, their E-peen, and their ignorance

Had a member of the corporation this weekend say something off the cuff that to me was hilarious and of course might have needed to be there kind of thing. I am sure it was when we had to dock up, move to safety or something like that and the subject of e-peen came up. He just so smoothly threw out there that his was massive and kept going on with the statement of whatever we were talking about. That and some fights this weekend gave me this material to write on how people in Eve act because of their “massive” e-peen.

This alliance to those who know us, read this blog or seen our recruitment post on the forums would know we are Blops flyers most of the time. So when it comes to fights we are a hit and run style group, but have been known to risk biting off more than we can chew. Not saying we have never been caught by a trap, but yes we usually know when we are jumping into a trap. Some of those traps we are able to kill the bait and get out while others have sent us down into balls of flame. Then there are those that due to their not working together provide 4 or 5 kills before they escalate it to a point that we have to get out. So I can admit that we go for a fair fight to a fight that we know we can win. Oh, but I am sure we are the only ones that do that based on the smack talk we tend to get when we dock up when the fight is overwhelming in others favor.

Those who follow what is going out in Null Sec might know that Triumvirate. has been hitting IOC, Red Alliance, Blue Alliance, and Lux Aetherna SOV so they can have better ratting space. They took a couple of systems and we have taken them back from them, but they still hold a station in two of those systems. Tri is bigger than IOC and they have a US side which can contest us when they are online. How can I admit that? Well for one thing when they show up with two to one odds, we can’t exactly compete with that and yet they still expect us to come out to fight. I even love it because they have learned by now if we think we have fair odds, we will fight and so they will hold people back a couple of systems to bait us out. It has worked, but we have started to use a lot more eyes these days.

So this weekend as one of the times we had to dock up because of being out numbered, it is funny that Garst is still trying to call us out for a fight. We are doing our best to ninja some command nodes and doing so successfully even though we lost a few ships. In local we are being called everything under the sun like it is actually going to draw us into a fight. Are people so hung up on who has the bigger e-peen that they will undock to die in a ball of fire for no reason? Why is it that the people who try to draw you out will talk big when you are docked up, but the minute the shoe is on the other foot they wont undock. When the odds turn from their favor to yours, then all of a sudden you are the bad guy for being able to beat up on them. Or they run complaining that they can’t believe you brought in more people even if they just did the same thing.

Lastly I love it when people think they know the agreement you have with a coalition. We were called pets this weekend, Russian slaves, or you name it and I bet it was said. Some things I wont go into or what some of my members were told must be their job for a living. IOC does not rent from Red Alliance and never has rented from them. IOC is on the border and is that prime space? No it isn’t, but someone needs to man that front and Red’s Capitol system is a couple of jumps away. They are right on the edge with us. Are we pets? Well I would say no to that one as well because of the fact that pets always in the past never received help from their masters and were always just pure meat shields. We have had help with our timers and Red has shown it has our back.

I don’t get the insults flying, because you aren’t going to insult me enough to undock to die. I don’t get why it is who has the bigger e-peen or why they are justified to dock up, but you should never dock up. Is it ignorance on their part or are they just kids? At the end of the day this is a game we are going to have fun with and I don’t care if you think my mom was a good lay last night. You wont draw IOC into a fight based on what you think is insulting words.

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One response to “People, their E-peen, and their ignorance

  • Ellegos

    It seems to be the nature of eve.

    I usually take any shit talking with a grain of salt. Don’t take it personally, because if you do, eventually it’ll drag your eve experience down. Let them talk all they want, it’s your actions that will define you and your corporation. They may never admit it, but they’ll know.

    I cope with shit talkers by replying with entertaining GIFs for instance. I ignore their taunting, confuse the enemy, and provide entertainment! 😀


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