Before I was running my own alliance and it was just the corporation, we would talk. I don’t know when it was that it hit us, but there was a point when we had double the forum posts in our directors room than we had in the rest of our forums combined. Even now between Jabber and Skype we are constantly in touch with one another letting those who are running their own corps in the alliance know what is going on.

I hear quite regularly that there is generally a lack of communication in the younger alliances. Yes my alliance is only 3 years old which is young compared to many of them in Eve, but my Corporation is 8 years old and one of the others is 5 years old. Plus in the midst of the other groups are veterans to this game, so there is experience that is brought to the table. I have always told people that I can give them all the information they want or need, but I can’t force them to read it. Never fails even when there are posts on the forum, mails sent out and you could be talking about it in TS that there are people who can’t be bothered. Those are the people who tend to not stay long anyways from my experience.

Plus I try to have an alliance meeting once a month. Lately we have been acquiring a corp a month the last two months and hopefully that trend will continue, but that is why it is important for us to have a meeting once a month. With new guys coming in, they need to know what is going on within the alliance. This shows that there is a direction that you are heading in, you give updates to your goals, and you ask if there are any questions.

It never fails that when I ask if there are questions about anything from the meeting or otherwise, that there are crickets in the background. You as a member of the alliance should speak up if there is something on your mind. I know that not every group wants that, but I want that from my people. I constantly say that my ideas aren’t always the right one. I will listen to what others have to say, but that requires them to speak up. I have changed directions based on better ideas, but when only a couple of people are saying anything it leaves my maybe not so good of an idea in place.

For me it is a two way street. Good leaders should listen and those who are in the corp or alliance should want to let others know if their idea will benefit the group. Some times criticism is hard to swallow, but if it is constructive and will help us grow or learn, I am all for it.

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