Its A Good Time to Start Playing EVE

One core question I think the EVE community struggles to answer is why would a new player begin playing EVE right now? I think that is a question the community doesn’t answer for new players in a great way. EVE is already over a decade old and was a niche game to begin with. Theres also a huge ability/social/SP/ISK disparity between older established players and newbies. This is my stab at answering this question:

  1. The game world is going through big changes and now is a good time to get started under the sov rule set. EVE is going to grow into something better than it was.
  2. There are more groups than ever willing to help new players get started. Some of the groups even have specialties. CODE ganks, EVE University has more of a classroom feel, numerous low and null corps take newer players.
  3. Once you start playing EVE, between the people and the game itself there isn’t anything to replace it. The “sandbox” is unique in that you have more freedom than you do in other games. How you use that freedom will determine how much you enjoy EVE.

What else should be on this list I wonder? When it comes to EVE what one thing would you say to a new player or just to give to them that would make them stick around? I honestly do think its a good time to start playing EVE. We’ve just go to let people know.


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