Where Not To Salvage

So IOC has been doing a lot of entosis/sov stuff and I decided it was time for another nice relaxing BLOPS fleet. The neighbors have been harassing us so I decided to pay them a visit. I formed a sizable BLOPs fleet up and went roaming through Stella Nova/The Corvos space in Scalding Pass.

I started hunting and jumped into KZ4F-4. I saw a Paladin on directional. Figured it was at a POS but there was a lot of stuff inline with where it was on directional. Checked an anomaly and nothing. The station was an option so I warped @ 100 to the station in system and there it was. At first I was thinking I was being baited, and then I realized it was about 80km from the undock and it was salvaging. Several wrecks were near him. Normally when I land on a target I have to warp in/out from another celestial/wreck or slowboat cloaked and hope the target doesn’t warp off. This time I was conveniently 180km from my target and you can warp to a wreck. Warped my hunter @ 10 to a wreck and decloaked. Saw him try to MJD but I had scram/web/long point on him and there wasn’t any hope. Yes the second falcon was totally necessary for this drop.

So lesson to learn. When you’re in a marauder salvaging is the absolute worst thing you can do with a neut in system. It gives people a warpin directly on top of you.



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