About The Team

These are the stories of a small alliance trying to standup on their own feet. We’re going to do our best to be the elusive “good hi sec alliance”. All kinds of challenges are in front of us. The question is can we stop popping boosters long enough to avoid running our little alliance into the floor?

IOC’s Blogging Crew
Head FC of Helion Production Labs and the Independent Operators Consortium. I make the drugs and FC the hot drops. I’ll be writing about our PVP antics, game mechanics, and if I’m feeling exceptionally nerdy, in game lore.
Kregan Gadhar
I’m the CEO of Helion Production Labs and the Alliance Executor of the IOC. I’ve been playing Eve for 8 years without a break. There have been ups, there have been downs. I offer to throw in my two cents, which a some people will want me to take back. I will make posts based on some of my experiences, politics, and industry.

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