Real Life News – Possible Alien Megastructures Spotted (Not a Joke)

Just a quickie blurb due to spread some news thats caught my eye. Science community is
getting the wheels turning on getting more data. Info is good enough SETI is taking it seriously.
Possible Alien Megastructures Spotted Around a star

I’ve started a discussion in the EVE Online forums:

Still looking for notes its a hoax but its not looking like one. Exciting. Crossing my fingers.


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One response to “Real Life News – Possible Alien Megastructures Spotted (Not a Joke)

  • Kregan Gadhar

    I am all about finding things out in space. There are things on our own moon that people say don’t add up and they are considered crack pots. I have a theory as to why space exploration took a nose dive after reaching the moon. You have to keep in mind that there are governments that would be scared that Mars or the Moon if people lived there would form their own governments or break ties to the ones who got them started. But I am just a guy from Texas, what do I know?


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