History of my Corporation – Part 1

Why HPL was formed

Alexios Kain is the Founder of Helion Production Labs. He was the mining director for a corporation called Eve Guardians which also had ties to the old Band of Brothers alliance. When the founder of Eve G (Danneo) decided to split, he did so with all the corps assets and left a lot of people hanging. There is more history there, but basically Alexios formed HPL to give people a place to go and a place for friends/good people to hang out. I had met him in a belt one night while I (Shocker I know) was out mining. I was apart of a corp that just happened to find me a day before I met Alexios, but when he formed his own corporation, I was joining up.

HPL has always been new player friendly and has always seemed to draw on those willing to help others. With mining ops happening in Ohvosamon (Our HQ at the time) we started running into people wanting to pirate us. One of the things most pirates don’t expect is armed resistance and that is exactly what we did. Set traps and catch the guys who were can flipping us. At that stage of the game, Ishomilken (.04) was always camped on the Usi gate and would make an easy way for pirates to come lurking. During that time and for many years after, HPL cleaned up the high sec side from Auviken, Ohvosamon, Jeras and Usi when it came to pirates. HPL has always been white hat type people and it seemed that for a time the can flippers knew to stay away.

Alexios started us running roams and frigate wars for fun. We would take out 20 man gangs (weren’t fleets back then) and just go see what we could stir up. It started appearing that we would run into these guys in NOVA Alliance while out. Our tactics were always to only shoot reds or those who aggro-ed us. These people were always friendly and would talk for a minute before moving on about our own way. Wasn’t long before they invited us to join their alliance. Back then HPL probably was a 40 to 45 man corporation. Alexios, Tyre, and myself were the only directors if my memory serves me right. At the time HPL was at War with Warped Conscience with the frigate wars, and when we joined NOVA Alliance – November of 2007, those care-bears lost it. Freaked out over a war, what was going on, why did we let these people in, etc. Of course we were all laughing and some of their higher ups actually liked the idea. With this, our gangs jumped up to 30 to 40 on the roams, and actually caught the attention of another corp that was over 100 man.

Astrodynamic Innovations (ADIN) joined the alliance (Some time in 2008) when one of its haulers would constantly see us like clock work on the weekend roams. Jenna Sky was the character and if we were pirates, could have caught that hauler on numerous occasions. Their CEO, Mark Maldren, was a good face man, but behind the scenes, he apparently tried to always throw the weight of his group around. During this time as well, the members of this corporation were barred from mining with the HPL people. During one of our ops, they were asking about our policy on paying out minerals. As always, the price was dependent on market and when we are in high sec, that is 10 percent. The best ADIN would pay its members, 50 percent for the ore they wanted and 30 percent on the rest of the ores. When its membership approached their higher ups, it caused such a stir, that it would be immediate boot if caught mining with us. Not that I ever bought their Ore, but even at that point I was mining director of the corporation.

Some time in 2008, Alexios was pushing for me to take over as CEO of the corporation. The place was bigger than he really wanted to manage and was becoming a second job to him, but this wasn’t explained to me. At the time Yia PunSun, the alliance head, was wanting to put me in charge of the alliance at the same time. My concern about taking over the corporation, was a lot of people joined under Alexios’ time as CEO and I didn’t have the confidence that they would want to stay. (Come to find out, some people didn’t think I would make a good CEO either, but were loyal to the corporation) The plan was to stir up a little trouble, Yia step down, Alexios hand me the corp, and I get into position of running both at one time. Had Real Life not jump into the fray and hinder the people in the know of this plan, it probably would have worked. ADIN ended up leaving the alliance, which now looks like a year later they failed to survive, and a numerous amount of people started bailing out of a sinking ship. HPL was the only one to weather the storm intact.

Beginning of 2009, HPL joined an alliance called Prismatic Refraction. Farina Larros and Mulac Stormrage joined a group called Gulliver Corp which was running the alliance at the time. They were renting some space from Razor Alliance and it turned out to be a learning experience for us. Razor was using the place for people willing to be a meat shield in a rather worthless piece of space. Also at the time, HPL was experiencing losses almost daily trying to help out alliance members, but would receive none in exchange. When it came out that some alliance members were intentionally targeting noobs in low sec for easy kills and to pirate, we knew it was time to go. We tried to make our exit quiet at first, but some how word leaked out that we were leaving. The month we decided to go, happened to be when they had new leadership elected. This new guy thought he was going to make a threat to push us out sooner. HPL had paid its share of the rent already and going to leave peacefully. When he told me that he was going to boot us out of the alliance before we had gotten all our members out and my response was, “If you shoot one of my members, even if it takes me bankrupting HPL, I’ll make sure you will regret it for a long time.” I think at that point Farina knew I would follow up with my word and headed back to high sec.

Rejoined NOVA alliance and this time under my control. There had been a decision made within the leadership that I would come to regret for a long time. HPL had taken in what was left of NOVA alliance and thought 75 members was a big group. The fighters wanted to be separate from the industry side and the way it was originally supposed to work out, that was going to be a good idea. The industry was going to continue to help and support the fighting side. Build up our numbers even more and take or rent some space. Try to make a name for ourselves. What ended up happening was two months later, they decided to take the fighting members, turn care-bear and go into Wormholes. Lost 30ish members in no time flat and felt betrayed by people who I would have thought of as friends. This turned into one of HPL’s low points and we didn’t continue growing like we were doing. Was a hard blow for many of us to overcome at the time.

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