One of IOC’s battles

I don’t know how many people actually read reddit, because in the end I usually don’t. One of the CEO’s of the alliance made a good post on there and dropping it in here. This blog is going to also catalog our history as major things happen, granted there have been a lot of things that have gone before. I might do a 3 part or something history of my corporation.

Amber Harrington of Space Ants wrote this:

Under old Dominion sov, this battle would not have been possible. First, Tri would’ve never grinded random structures in random Insmother system. Second, we didn’t have enough caps to even think about undocking (comparing to what Tri could’ve potentially brought to our heads). Third, the story would’ve been like this: we undocked, they undocked, we met at ~the structure~, we bashed them, they bashed us, we/them won. Fourth, basically no one from Space Ants could’ve been a part of the story, most of us can’t fly caps 😀

But this is Fozziesov, and this battle happened. Good guys: our beloved IOC alliance (Independent Operators Consortium), a couple of guys from BLue Alliance and Lux Aetherna. Baddies: Triumvirate. Location: YPW-M4 and whole constellation 0YMH-Q in Insmother.

How it started: Few days ago, Triumvirate have managed to succesfully attack and conquer YPW-M4 (amongst other systems). They’ve destroyed Red Alliance’s IHUB and TCU and planted their own TCU. Red Alliance reinforced new TCU (amongst other tenths of systems) and we were now sitting in nearby Q7-, waiting for some nice stuff to happen. Yesterday at 21:00 EVE Triumvirate’s hub went off from reinforcement and command nodes were scattered all over the constellation.

Triumvirate was nowhere. But neither RA.

A couple of guys from our alliance grabbed their sov wands and yolo’d around the constellation to poke some command nodes. We didn’t even expect to finish it, but when we were at 70% we realised that we might as well make it an official Red Menace fleet. At that time Triumvirate already jumped into the constellation to undo our hard work.

This was the first time I was entosising. Those who think it’s just an AFK activity: not when the enemy fleet is going through the systems, you have to dscan like mad, listening to the fleet comms (and trying to understand that one random russian who kept writing to people in cyrillic because “lol learn russian”). I was orbiting the node, hypnotising the timer to go faster… finally, done! Which node is next, FC?

Our TCU was million jumps away (we expected RA to plant theirs), and people from other alliances didn’t have their TCUs ready, so we had to stop entosising until our structure was hauled closer. TRI was somewhere preparing to get TCU as they left the capture of the remaining nodes completely on us. Our heroic bomber Nautica Austrene was harassing them whenever they grouped together. Obviously Triumvirate have figured out what we are waiting for, or maybe they just chose to cut off our potential incoming route and they started to camp C-J gate in YPW like mad. Not for long though. I went afk, but when I’ve returned, TCU was somehow there, entosised by IOC. We knew it meant nothing; we needed to survive the entosis cycle. And for that, we needed to stop Triumvirate fleet.

We lost too much time. They reshipped into Gilas and brought twice as many pilots as we did. Our slightly kitchensink-ish fleet melted and when I heard FC yelling “warp away if you can”, I knew our chances to online TCU in time were slim. Surprisingly, it took Triumvirate quite long to regroup, so I ran to C-J to buy a sabre in a hope that I can maybe bubble the gate and allow our guys to finish the cycle.

Nope. When they jumped into YPW, the cycle was still at the beginning of its last minute. They chased away our remaining ships from the TCU and easily avoided our desperate bomber attack.

We lost the battle.

Obligatory “didn’t want that TCU anyway” follows: with Fozziesov, TCU matters only for those who want to set up a POS in the system, or for those who want to see their alliance name on the sov map, so this specific timer was not that much important in the grand scheme of things. But for us in IOC it was an exciting opportunity to initiate the attack on intruders’s structures, to fight much stronger enemy (this was way off the TZ of Lux Aetherna and BLUE Alliance, so the majority of the fleet was IOC) and well, it could’ve been nice to help to chase Triumvirate away. Well, next time guys! (And we will actually prepare for it, heh)

(It’s 3:59am here, and I can barely stay awake to push “submit”. Ugh)

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