Adventures in Wicked Creek

Red_alliance_logoWe’ve been having fun fights in Wicked Creek the past few weeks. IOC was invited to hang out with Red Alliance and its been a blast so far. This is the first time some of our newer members have done a real deployment to a staging system in null sec so its been an experience for them. So some highlights of our activities so far:

IOC had a great bombing run in a system we were harassing. We came out behind ISK wise due to bad timing on a disconnect causing us to lose a Proteus, but it was well worth it in terms of fun. Not bad for a first bombing run for 3 of the bomber pilots. 7 Vexor Navy Issues and an Oracle got popped.

Bombing Run Battle Report

We also helped welcome TEST to Wicked Creek. The ability for capital pilots to take gates is resulting in some funny losses. There was a nice fight between the RA/Diplomatic Immunity fleet/IOC + Friends fleet and TEST shortly after this. Not too big, not too small and no TIDI 🙂 NagKill 3-26We’re looking forward to more exciting fights in the Wicked Creek area over the coming weeks. It looks like this is going to be one of the places to be in New Eden along with Delve 🙂

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