Eve Characters and the People behind them plus Progodlegend follow up

These two things will end up tying into each other when I am finished writing this, so it isn’t as much of a stretch in combining the two of them into this one post. Though I will say I must of have stirred up some interest with my post since it has been viewed quite a bit over the weekend, though no one dropped a comment here on this blog. I did read some other people’s thoughts on my post though which is what made me think to write about the people behind the characters.

Just like with anything, there are going to be those who agree with what I say and those who completely deny it. Usually I can tell you right off the bat who are going to be in which category and if you are seriously looking at this from an objective view, you will know as well. I do believe there have been posts, probably debates, and what have you on a persons in game actions versus how they are in real life. Me personally, I tend to feel I play my character as I am in real life. When it comes to honoring my word or promise given, I was raised that a man was only as good as his word. AH, but I hear the screams of it is just a game already coming because of that statement. YET, one of the most famous people in Eve has a reputation built on the fact that he is a man of his word, that he is a trust worthy man. I do not know Chribba personally or even in game for that matter though I have crossed his path in Amarr and I dropped him a mail asking him a question once to which I doubt he remembers who I am. I would though based on the sites he has built, helped build, discussions he has been apart of, posts on the Eve Forums, and many interviews that he has done, feel confident in saying that his char is a reflection of who he is in life. I will throw this caveat in this post, that I will drop Chribba another mail and ask him how he thinks his character is a reflection of him in life.

Another famous person in Eve for the exact opposite side of the fence is the Mittani. Of course he will tell you that he is nothing like his character is in Eve and that it is just part of game play. I am paraphrasing because I haven’t read that particular post in a while, but I remember it came down when his wife and cat were threatened by someone who had his physical address. He would tell you that it is just playing another side of game that is open for people to be different than who they are. I personally would have trouble playing this type of character because I have been on the side of getting screwed in Eve in my early years. The thought of me ruining someones time in Eve by screwing them out of their hard earned isk or taking something of value, etc. just goes against who I am.

This is MY opinion and I haven’t done case studies to back up what is…. yes my opinion. For the record here is the definition of the word so we are clear.


noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions
  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Yes there is a little sarcasm there, but I do that because I have argued with enough people that I want it to be clear that this is based on my judgement only. I want to also say that those who play the pirate/scammer/thief/etc that is open to be in Eve, this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to dealing with the public. There are times that there is a specific reason or reasons why someone would do something against the norm.

When you look at a group like the Goons that their mission statement is pretty much to ruin others game play, I have a hard time accepting that someone who is usually good-natured would be this way. I can’t tell you how many people I know that tried the life of a true Eve Pirate/scammer/thief/dickhead that changed back to being who they are because it wasn’t in them to screw someone. I’m not saying that the Mittani is Evil or anyone else from Goons, but there is a reason they have no issue messing someone’s time of fun up. A war is a war, defending your space is defending your space, hulkageddon and burn Jita is just being dickhead. Not to mention this group has killed other games. My opinion is there is a reason behind people wanting to be this way and for each individual I am sure there are different reasons. In the end the main thing from what I have seen is to feel superior in an epeen way.

Now that a target has been placed on my back. How does this tie in with PGL you ask? Well one of the things I read about my post on him was that I took this game way too personally. For the record, after he screwed the alliance I went to sleep that night and had no issue waking up rested to head off to work the following morning. Also for the record, I have only alarm clocked twice and took off work once in nearly nine years of playing Eve. Yet someone like PGL can stay up all night after coming home from school, alarm clock untold amount of times and I bet change RL things around fleets. People like him especially those who are famous get defended and praised for such actions. I mention that he isn’t a man of his word which makes him a liar and I take the game too seriously. So, that had to be one of my most high trafficked post for which I am thankful. I feel that people who are men or women of their word in life are the same in Eve which is why I made the post about PGL and him being a liar.

Will I sleep good tonight knowing he still wont pay that 15B in isk? Wont have an issue in the world and again I didn’t expect it from him because he never honored anything else he told me. You believe Chribba because he has done what he said he would do. I wouldn’t trust Mittani to watch something because he has done what he said he would do which is ruin others play time. I knew when PGL said he would pay me back that he wouldn’t because he never did what he would say he would do. At the end of the day those in Mittani’s style of play are laughing saying look at all the tears. Those on the honorable side are saying they completely understand. Just like one of my previous posts said, it is all a matter of perspective and this is mine.

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