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The last few months, I would have to say this has been a big challenge. Fozzie Sov has been unleashed and the verdict of its impact on the game is still too early to tell in my opinion. The most common response that I was hearing from people was that they were waiting to see how this is going to pan out. Even watching other alliances that our about the same size, seem to not have strong jumps in recruiting either.

These days you can find groups that claim to be everything you are. Quite a few talk about them being a tight knit group and I would say we are one of them. For us it started with HPL and members coming to gatherings at my house. When you got guys who are becoming friends in RL as well as playing in Eve, it will always bleed over. Showing respect for one another comes through and it is one reason why I think IOC’s fleets have always been different. You don’t hear people degrading each other, FC’s don’t yell at people when a mistake is made, and we all realize we are here to have a good time. This comes with also having each others backs when possible. When Corporations see it isn’t an act, there is a tendency for them to want that in their group if they don’t already have that.

One of the things we learned to specialize in was Black Ops drops. This is now something quite a few people do, but with the jump changes it has made it more difficult. I don’t think they should have done the jump timers on Blops or at least put more of a limited one like they did with the Jump Freighters and Rorquals. Before the alliance we were in was kicked out of N3, we would run the Blops fleets between their CTA’s. If we got kills it only seemed to bring more people, but if we didn’t even land a kill, most people were just happy for the change of atmosphere and ship types.

Ship Replacement Program. These days I am hearing more and more differing opinions on this type of option for groups. Some agree that it is needed and others say that it is bring some entitlement to those who fly the ships. My thought on it stemmed from the fact that if you have new members, they might not be ready financially for the loss that can happen and this would drive them away from PVP. Also in Blops the Hunter generally is flying a ship that has to be more on the expensive side so it will tank long enough for support to come to the “rescue”. Some groups only do Capitals and Supers for their SRP basically for the same reason, because that kind of investment in something can break people if the losses keep mounting without any help.

Then as one who is trying to lead the group, we have to make sure that there are people who can speak for me when I am not online, FC’s have a chain of command and a place to call home. Having a decent system in Null for people to rat in and a station that things can be parked in I feel are just as important. There has to be a reason for people to come out to where you are which brings up one of the hardest things. Your logistics chain has to be solid when it comes to bringing people’s stuff out as well as anything else needed for the corporations or ship doctrines. In my experience it seems to always fall on one or two people mainly because of the amount of alts needed for most chains.

At the end of the day I think that you layout what your goals and plans are for the group. You try to find those who want to be apart of the group and help further the direction that the alliance is going in. Just like there is work involved in being a CEO of a corporation, there is more involved when it comes to being the head of an alliance. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I know what it is like to run a 1000 or 5000 man group because I haven’t. Though one day my goal I think it would be nice to be around 2500 or so.

Recruiting for a corporation is easy when you compare trying to recruit for an alliance. Hopefully in a month when Fozzie SOV is set in stone within people’s minds, the recruiting scene will change. No matter what, you keep your head down, nose to the grind stone and keep working it. Nothing in life that comes easy is worth it and the things handed to you tend to not be as appreciated as those that you busted your butt for.

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