History of my Corporation – Part 5 / Up to Current

In the wake of the end of the Halloween War, there has been a decline in Eve overall in my opinion. We decided to rent to keep people in isk after our floating around doing nothing for the better part of a month and a half. Feeding another persons war machine by paying rent isn’t something I wanted to do and it wasn’t bankrupting the corporation, but I didn’t want to run our wallets dry. This was a hard decision to go back to renting that we made as a group. In the end we still moved out of Null Sec which can kill a group that wants to be out in SOV space. There were members who decided to go to other places and this is something that any CEO who has been around a while can see coming.

When we moved back into Empire space, we setup in Low Sec to claim Otsela as our base of operations. Things were actually going so well for us that we garnered a lot of attention in the form of War Decs. Even in the process we managed to upset some Code guys because that was an area their alts used to do their own mining and such. I truly didn’t want it to take a year, but we had moved in our own alliance and wanted to get some people to join before trying to head back out into Null Sec. One of the groups that joined us was Tribal Mist (Trim) and they had known us from Mildly Intoxicated days. At the time they were in Mildly Sober and helped with the defense of our space in Tenerifis. They were the first and because I had at that point some dealings with chbm, their CEO, it only made sense to make him second over the alliance. Especially since his primary TZ is in the EU where mine is the US.

Being in low sec, the constant wars wasn’t an issue for most guys though there were a few taking advantage of missions and such while in high sec. In the end it was pretty much figured out that the mercs have a little bit of racket going on within the groups. We hired some on retainer basically to keep the other mercs off our backs and that left the wars which no one ended up fighting in. There were more than a few times we would head out to hunt some of the mercs for some fun fights. Usually they would run off and reship to counter us before actually brawling. Being honest we lost more than we won, but we stood our ground and we had fun. I could say that I think some of those fights were lessons for us since most of our fleets up till high sec were blops only or pretty close to it. Also during this time to help with funding the SRP we started our booster production. Also was the inspiration for the name of the Blog site that Toriessian started “The Booster Addict”.Now how we ended up with Red Alliance is kind of an odd thing really. I think the guy who found me just saw our ad on the forums or I’m not really sure how it came about that he wanted to befriend me. In the end they didn’t join up with RA and we did, but he was the one who introduced me to Greg. Greg at that time was just the diplo to RA, they were looking for some USTZ guys to help offset the fact that is their weak time. There was promise of space after a 30 day trial period in their space showing we were active and serious. Also with the way Eve is, also I am sure in that period would have been when someone would awox on them. So we set about moving basic assets into place without putting anything major on the line. The trust thing works both ways and we weren’t about to bring out anything expensive till we had our own space.Not sure when they joined, but an alliance called Diplomatic Immunity (Dip) was apart of the Coalition. We moved up into their area to help them with grinding out dead towers and just claiming space. This was after our initial 30 days was up, but we were in a station, helping other USTZ guys and really trying to just go with the flow before pushing for our own space. It was during this that Kasken from DIP approached about us merging into his alliance.The points he gave were valid, because at that point in time he already had space. They had a handful more people than us, but I still think that we had a more solid infrastructure than they did. It was something that gave quite a few of us pause because of the effort that goes into running and building an alliance. In the end what did it for me was the fact that I was not offered anything in their leadership. If I am going to be doubling the size of your alliance, I do expect a say in how things are going to go in the future and he didn’t see that as an option. In the end though, his alliance did fall apart a few months after all this happened. I do think that if we had merged his group would still be around, but much like what happened in Mildly Intoxicated we would be the case in that alliance I am sure. The guys would have been the backbone to the alliance, Kasken’s desires for his alliance would have been being fulfilled and the “Old IOC” guys would be the ones handling all the slack.What leadership had decided was to give ourselves about 3 months to see how things were going to pan out before 100 percent deciding to join them or not. During that period Space Ants joined us to add 60 plus more members to the alliance. Even though they are a relatively new bunch to Eve, that just means they don’t hold the bitterness some of the old vets do. Also recruiting during this time wasn’t easy because of waiting for Fozzie Sov to deploy was something a lot of people were waiting on. With it bringing a possible new changes and unknowns when it came to how SOV was going to be handled. As this is the most current moment to my addition to this, we have been saving our space, taking other space and having some fun with it. In some ways it seems to have even the field a little, but in others it is still about who has the biggest fleet.As always there is more history being written daily. 5 Parts is all there is for now.

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