Best of Eve – Fozzie Sov too

If you have read my posts or basically anything talking about my corp, I mention that I fly with the best that there are in Eve. This also these days extends to the alliance as well because we have some really good people throughout it as well. First I will start in saying that if I am repeating myself that I am sorry. Though I do think this is something that demands and explanation if you don’t already know why that is. I know I have said before that if you play eve that you know of people leaving the game and if you had a friendship with them that you wonder how they are. Also I can’t tell you how many people started with friends they had before Eve and they are the only one left now.

This is a tribute to those who have come before and those who are still here now. I have been around long enough that I know that in most groups appreciation isn’t shown very much in the larger groups. Thing about those groups, they have enough people to go around that if someone isn’t doing their job, then someone else is going to be appointed or step up. Thing is in smaller groups you have no one but those who are beside you and usually if a key figure leaves there is a gap that multiple people have to fill until someone comes forth again down the road to fill it. Some times that happens quickly, but usually it doesn’t.

I fly with the best that there is in Eve because when the chips are down or things look a little dim, they step up each time without fail and deliver what is needed for our group. No one knew really how the Sov changes would impact the game. I do think that in many ways we are still seeing how they impact things and it feels like it is a battle of attrition. Going through saving our space, we didn’t know what we were going to do. There was talks of what would happen if we lost the space or if help didn’t come in time, etc. etc. and yet we are still here holding onto what we feel is ours. People showed up at ugly timers for us, stayed up late when they had work the next morning, or things like that. Yes, we hear of people doing this in Eve quite a bit, but these are in most cases grown people who have families or bigger responsibilities. When I was in school or before I moved out, I could see where staying up late, waking up early or calling in sick was a real possibility. These guys have stepped it up to show we aren’t leaving and we are fighting.

Yes, the SOV game still is about who has the bigger fleet despite these changes helping the little guys. It is also a way for groups to just pester one another and really gain nothing in the end put a headache. The entosis process is no easier than structure bashing in the way that they are both boring and take time. To me I’m not sure that I can say yet if the new way is any better or not, but I know that we have been alright. That has been in part of those in the alliance and not just those in my corporation.

There are people who I will never forget that had an impact on me in this game and an impact on my corporation. Right now the story of the alliance is being written. The impact they have had in these early times will not be forgotten. I am a CEO, but what does that mean if there aren’t people under you? I am executor of the alliance and what does that mean if there are no corps willing to help or follow? Without these people there wouldn’t even be this blog. I promise you, you haven’t flown with the best in Eve till you have been apart or with this group. I am a guy that they put up with, but I am a guy who wouldn’t trade the hardships for nothing.

IOC – Men and Women….. and Furries – please don’t ask. Thank you. I genuinely mean that.

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