Us, Tri, and Fozzie Sov work around

I will be the first to say that it was a smart move. Said it to my guys when we saw it happen and if others haven’t seen what I am about to describe, I can only imagine it wont be long before you do.

I-1QKL was held by Blue Alliance before Fozzie Sov was implemented. I know their main leader has been out due to real life issues and there were people put in place to lead in his absence. This is what I am told anyways and some of this might not be accurate. Never saw calls for help or anything until all of a sudden the system is in Tri’s hands. They took the station, the TCU, and the IHub. Red Alliance took the I-hub back, IOC had the system by putting up our own TCU, and the station had been being fought over. Reinforced a couple of times and Freeported one time.

We all know how much fun entosising is and how long it took before the changes. I was on the fence as to what I thought about Fozzie Sov until last night. What Tri did was instead of them taking the SOV back or defend the station when it was in freeport, they showed up in force and had a couple of guys from an alt/pet alliance of theirs take it. What this did was allow them to keep us at bay because alliance to alliance they out number us 5 to 1, but to make things easier for them they had the other alliance set that system as their capital. So now it automatically has a defense level without any index levels raised up. Which only made it harder for us when we tried to reclaim the system. All part of the game, this is just a run through of what happened.

Yesterday the patch was deployed with the updates to Fozzie Sov. We are ready to go hit the nodes like we have been literally every night since Fozzie Sov has been out. We place eyes in systems knowing where people would be coming from and we start to work. Two Tri start coming up and we get a couple of guys going back to reship to handle the two guys. Then it is a 25 man fleet of Tri coming up the pipe. We are outnumbered, one guy not on comms lost his ship, and the rest of us safe up knowing they are going to hunt us. What used to take a decent amount of time to get back safe, they were able to do so in a little over an hour with 3 guys. Might now have been that long.

This isn’t a little guy is being picked on by the big guy story. They are bigger than us and I am working on growing my alliance. What was supposed to be something to help the little guys in all reality does NOT help them though. You can still be pushed off by groups who are bigger than you. You have groups that roam around now specifically looking for people to pick off that are entosising. Really you have to have fleets unless you are in the middle of nowhere Eve. This wasn’t a benefit for the little guys at all and from what I keep seeing is that it is a lot of work for someone to easily come in to stop all your progress.

Tri has done a good job and I wouldn’t say we have given them a run for their money, but I would say I think we have been a thorn. They have tried five man fleets to run us off and that usually doesn’t work. Their leader Garst has been the one heading up these defense fleets lately, which maybe I am reading too much into it, tells me that it is seen as a big deal what we are doing.

Forewarning to those who haven’t seen that tactic though. It is an excellent and easy way to get a foothold into a region or constellation. You got to keep in mind that 1B for an alliance or getting a pet group to do it for them is nothing. I bet you will see more of this across Eve. Just my opinion.


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